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[Nettime-bold] Game and Scripting Classes Online

Game and Scripting Classes Online

2 online classes, who live at,  are up and currently 
in progress.  you may peruse links, readings, and sample scripts, 
take the quake quiz, or learn to write a behavior in lingo.


The course will introduce students to an understanding of multimedia 
scripts and software as a time-based artistic medium. The course will 
locate art software practice within a history of process-oriented art 
forms and look at examples of software created by artists. In course 
activities and art projects students will be encouraged to experiment 
with a variety of scripting approaches. Section One of this course, 
ten weeks, will teach scripting with Macromedia Director's Lingo. 
Subsequent sections will teach other languages including JavaScript, 
Perl, and more advanced Lingo, within net art and network gaming 
contexts. Tutorials and scripting exercises will supplement the 
programming skills employed in art projects.

Unit 1. Multimedia, Software, and Art Process
Unit 2. Interactivity
Unit 3. Scripting Fundamentals
Unit 4. Nanopet Pet Project
Unit 5. Drawing Tool Project


The course will investigate various ways that active cultural 
production by gamers functions as art. The course will begin with 
creative exercises in game character building and graphical avatar 
design with attention to identity, gendering and violence. Students 
will then be introduced to the digital folk art of game add-ons and 
asked to make artistic interventions in gaming culture. Avid 
participation in gamer fan culture often serves as a foundation for 
later game design in the gaming industry.

Unit 1. Identity and Role Playing Games
Unit 2. Avatars and Gender Building: Monster Friendly
Unit 3. Pixelated Blood and Shooter Games
Unit 4. Artistic Interventions and the Digital Folk Art of Gamers


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