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>> >i told you - in the future we will not need many artists - ten will be
>> >enough. those ten will occupy all media channels. it's a result of smart
>> >use of those new horisontal information structures ...
>> Should be noted that NN was not competing with artists,
>> rather CEOs at IBM and elsewhere.
>> artists
>> "puh"
>Ha ha!

m! zm!lz = neuzpaperz !n b!g c!t! traf!k.
[v!eu dzm kausz aktz!.dentz]


>one of your bodies is in brooklyn, nyc?

             !nhab!tant ov dze great urban zentrz

>i am sitting staring at the brooklyn bridge right now.

dze brookl!n br!dge = ztar!ng at u z!t!ng.

>in +05 days time, i return to seattle. 


>i have the option of visiting
>microsoft.headquarters on corporate warfare mission (cunningly disguised
>as a sightseeing tourist). 

ur s!ght !z gradual! bluntd

>may i perform any ultra_sanitary maneuvers for
>you while i am there? (was thinking of sliding kraft cheese slices under
>peoples' doors).

dz!es uordz shed 01 pekul!ar l!ght on ur age

>having fun,

komfort !zolatez 


I like your email address.  I am happy thinking of god as a prime number in denmark.
Are you in denmark?  Jag talar svenska men inte danska.  --Ann

                      Jag talar svenska men inte engelska.  -n-n 


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