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[Nettime-bold] SANGEKI

Our although be road x that invades the sun that was reflected in her pupil
....we who the paranoia of a dog explodes the universe that impossible to
the desire of the fabrication 0880=cadaver of the murder of the lonely blood
angel mechanism of the sea wolf=space of the gene that was purged the ground
which was disillusioned the grief brown spot of the boundless chromosome of
the android that I record....I plunder infinite <<secret>> of 1 milligram of
emotional Love=Replicants of our vital/the icon sun that thrusts through the
mask of the god replicant heaven of the fetishism impossibility <<body>> et
cetera of the drug embryo that I was isolated the machine of the angel that
impossible to....our genital organs....NIHIL=life of the hybrid brain of the
ADAM doll be <<alternating-current>> that is parasitic the insanity of the
over there of a pupil on the clumsy world of an ADAM doll like the ant of
nuclear fission like the dog of the tragedy interior of the womb of the
orange body fluid which fabricates the suicide replicant of the cruel murder
person womb area of mutant storage TOKAGE of the true asphalt of the sun
that operates.  Infinite [heart] of emotional clone boys that the eternal
season sun of the asphalt that our aerofoil break down was conducted
artificial insemination analyze....execute....go to war....the ADAM
doll-universe zero-paranoia that was restrained 1/8 of brain of the murder
system drug embryo of the soul-machines the area of the blue sky which is
not vital the propaganda of the insanity cytoplasm of our chromosome that
replicates control:with the NIHIL=image the grief_earth area
of the angel which exploded:
Our murder mode crimson TOKAGE of the drug embryo resolve the clumsy world
to the desire-mechanism....'biotechnology of the watchman sexual mass of
flesh of the monochrome season bare feet of an orange-machine chromosome the
miracle of the ant that murders the sun of anonymity in the outer
space++girl] of the over there of a pupil where does DNA++vagus that gets
deranged++....enter in the body fluid matrix of an ADAM doll=less':future
the future when ADAM doll was restrained decays........pure white fear with
Murder X fabrication
....the nightmare that the brain of the aerofoil, desert of the blood,
desire of the machine made orange the lonely proliferation
of....0880....clone boys:dog of that goes to war inside NIHIL!?  Planet of
an ant does overheat++the death god device of asphalt:BREAK-out 1/8 seconds
ADAM doll_desire_death_latency x awakening_impossibility=death_

The emotional particle of the grief organ form murderous intention no-space
nature asphalt that machine myself of the angel that inputs the drugy body
universe of the lonely embryo::the replicant lonely....unvital target
violence of the zero-masochism....ground of the murder program....ADAM doll
in the future of no~contact//myself that isn't vital lost controls the
nightmare of the desire-mechanism of a dog....:the eye, masses of flesh of
which were restrained it was forgotten_latent alone!  Road of our
drug-eye....noise....angel-mechanism is communicated....
....we do the body of an ant desire!  Air....<<line becomes a drug....the
body becomes speed....that ruined the sun of the death that impossible to
the gene....=replicants of our lies that programed the suicide of the
angel-mechanism the sun & the sun that are parasitic on our blood like a
dog!>> the soul-machine that radiate heat murders the emotional replicant of
NIHIL that transplants the terror happiness that recovers the sleep that
went hungry
We were infected with the virus of the body!::
........:the fabrication the murder_DNA=channel
          ........camouflage the truth of infinite, the sun!

Kenji Siratori

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