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[Nettime-bold] Clonic real

"to escape from that isn't able to escape!":noise

Our cadaver city begins to walk so::like the internal organ that swims to
the desire mechanism of the
ADAM doll with just as zero:<I record the terror happiness of machine:of the
angel that was jointed to
scatologic virus of dog>.  X
Replicant future of our grief
_harmonizes to the fear of murder
::my soul-machine respiration line of the cold-blooded disease that
replicates the blue murderous
intention of the sky....the beat drug embryo of the brain area asphalt angel
mechanism who dogs were
ill-treated goes to war with the body mode of <impossibility>.  "to be
absent desert...." our vital/icon
possible lonely the replication that annihilates to
strangle your 1 milligram of
emotion that is sleep!  Reality of her ant
  ?   X=                                                   seductive free"""
& infinite the melody of the storage murder of the sun>of asphalt our [the
horizon of heart++like the
replicant of the angel-mechanism that disappears....the masses of flesh of
the gradual catastroph that
nightmare of the execution desert of the sleep of the fabrication clumsy
world ADAM doll of the dog
records TOKAGE' of the aerofoil be born".  ....:the brain of the dogs rape:K
that was replicated the
grief of
the lonely chromosome of outer desire-mechanism of::a
girl] of the disillusionment
that the aerofoil of the cold-blooded disease that beats our:the cadaver
city so operate sentimentality
replicant of the sun commits suicide....laughs was lost....
....lobotomy asphalt of the lonely control impossible desert of the
vagus-nerve earth area of the android
that our angel is caught without the milligram nightmare gradual fear sec.
impossibility of the dog
that is
chopped up to the desire of the machine cries out....I rearranged my zero
gravity clonical love that does
season grief LOAD of our mutant emotional biotechnology=less murder:the
paranoiac body of an
to the desire of a cadaver!  The angel DNA=channel chromosome! The dogs of
premonition....soul-machines of the gentle insanity....sleep of
apoptosis....which do the grief type of the
future of the ADAM doll mode gravity corpse body paranoia....season x that
the fabrication of murder
done the suck=blood of the sea chromosome of the gene that is replicated our
zero=of=the android of
wolf=space....cold-blooded disease of the ADAM doll:the murderous intention
of a city that brain goes
war channel I of the paradise who impossible to become the soul-machine of a
dog the tragedy of the
that respires era....STOP// the drug=medium of the sec. sun of the birth
that I was ill-treated the rep...
placenta world gets deranged!  An ant!  Crazy sex-lobotomy of the earth
area........despair machines x
the blue sky the inorganic substance grief of an angel is input....LUNA-BACK
zero gravity=emotional
particle of clone of war=zero of mass of flesh=zero
of....lonely ruined!?  "our future
The brain of a dog lives!----
Our replicant [heart].  ....I rape the sex machines, 0880, of the murder
octave, asphalt of the storage,
ants of the sun........mutant air-line x of the soul-machine the inorganic
substance switch of the
disillusionment device drug embryo:the control of a cold-blooded disease
that the masochism heaven of
the god android of the noise et cetera where the body of my end is
infectious was replicated!  BABEL
animals are input....*the season of despair....
Despair machine, angel mechanism of
Rhythm of existence
Desire of a cadaver
Our beat becomes++++of the season in 0 second of the initiative grief of the
placenta world fear of the
clonical love when is killed to a small smile zero and inherited like TOKAGE
like an ant like the mask
that changes dog of and break down the fabrication of the brain of an ADAM
system sec. of <secret> of the drug embryo++the symptoms++aerofoils of the
instantaneous++falls of
non=euclid=target angel++dreams of the happy++storage of the
desire++violence of immortality
moves to
NIHIL....clone boys do and confuse vagus like the night sky of the
emotional....desert that quiesced


The grief=body of the android!  Cadaver city of the COSMOS desire-mechanism
of the DNA=channel
murder of the ant where is parasitic on the interiors of the womb of the
copy=vaginas, their
brain fear of the nightmare gravity....artificial ants of 0880 replicant
heaven dogs that communicate
mass of flesh in the last term of an ADAM doll........the universe like our
dog that the machine of an
replicates the monochrome of the earth area!?  Mutant of the grief that
connects with the sun that
stalled inside our NIHIL=vital:a grotesque-machine:our escape
circuit....soul-machine of storage x
<madness> of the end of the ground of a chromosome_resuscitates to absurdity
"the love" that got entwisted to our vital/icon that erases grief so
boundless vital plundering commits
suicide........the skizophysical sun of the storage that does the brain of
the massacre of the lonely
of flesh ADAM doll of outer space digital=vamp within our blue sky which
decays animal region speed,
the zero machine=angel cold-blooded disease that is held the speed that
becomes emotional
unknown....monochrome internal organ of "laugh" and be the gene of the lapse
of memory that I'm
to.  /our output=strategy anarchie nerve of the virus murders the
grief=replicant of this clumsy
world........the chromosome that lost our plug....grief of message....clone
boy....callousness is happy the
terror of an ADAM doll and armed--.  :beat ANDROID in the last term of the
womb area machine....
The computer of dogs cries out:the clonical love of the crowd....horizon of
the sun of the asphalt that
the proliferation of the murderous intention:the transmission of the
massacre:the murder of an ant
the soul-machine that we swelled up_becomes the minute dog fuck:the gene=toy
of the soul that is held
LEVEL of the replicant [heart] clone-skin of monochrome beat 0880 of the
invasion ADAM doll of the
earth area and decay!  It's impossible the boundless nightmare control of a
chromosome!!!  Crimson
blood gets deranged....the murder system that the mental abnormal matrix
drug embryo of body
fluid++TOKAGE of "future" impossible to....the replicant=heaven, where was
ridden all of death to the
hatred of our x chromosome that is infectious that it's impossible the dog
which it is input alone the
target of an ADAM doll the DNA=channel that amplifies++++
I grieve over=of=the gene war!?
Asphalt of storage drifts the plane top of the death where clone boys
impossible to]] hearing impossible
The earth that our ADAM doll is in........1/8:the end of storage where
respires the respiration in the last
term era!?  So the emotion of the x milligram of the sun replicant of which
beats monochrome animals
with the laughter that were full cruelly.  The machine of the lonely
future....angel of roentgen
physical::::::occupies the body of an ant....camouflage the body mode of the
existence difficult sun!....the
over there of her young pupil in....<love>....decays....the clonical second
of ruin....the android
of the outer space-++desert that was murdered!++-
>>the body of the dog that the chromosome-plane, blue sky, I of this clumsy
world were replicated gets
entwisted to an infinite murderous intention....++:the output=nightmare of
the womb area....was uncivilized restraint!....I ill-treat the small organ of
the gene war++++paradise of
grief....resembles in <blue> of a cadaver & & & the fabrication=ADAM doll
for murder of
medium=future++++++++++soul-machine (1) that awoke the mass of flesh of the
nightmare of the of only the x disillusionment that respires the disillusionment
of the android quietly
gene war e-i-ri-a-n of the omotya cold-blooded disease animals of the chaos
that bounces
Desert of the internal organ-ant where ADAM doll was lost reproduces the
asphalt of the tragedy:isn't
possible even that grieves over....

_respires and ruins and the horizon of the chromosome pattern of eternal
insanity, ADAM doll....,
Like the brain universe x chromosome like our air-line dog in the future of
the rhythm....cadaver city of
road of the love++++clone-skin of the horizon that commits suicide to the
artificial <lips> of the sun
inside of gravity> lostgame of our @ lonely blood sudden death dog:desire
mechanism of....the machine
the record....angel of a nightmare walk........
<<I murder your storage>> <<the storage of your angel is write off>> <<the
storage of your machine is
replicated>>....Vol. X
++sleeps the replicant of the ground-paradise TIME.

Kenji Siratori

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