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[Nettime-bold] BLUE NOISE

The cosmic soul-machines of clone boys_mode to the air-line of an ADAM doll.
_resembles to be whether I think about the vector of the cadaver that fused
to the brain universe of asphalt the sun line of lonely masses of flesh:the
love-replicant although cyber dog is road the line of "the suspicion" of
replication heaven:that respires the clonical reproduction area of an
artificial ant:the random hatred of the DNA=channel is controlled....the
gene of her grief commits suicide:the matrix body fluid of TV free wild
fancy BABEL animals witnesses....was approximated to nomansland
planetary:her brain cell:the hybrid body of an ant_drug-motion.  Noise that
an eye unstable eyes fly radiate heat recovered birth:that becomes broken
unknown:the herd....vital non=being of uterus-machine makes the storage of
the sun gray
Digital=vampseason of the monochrome earth:
Her digital solitude leaps....her digital solitude is cut....her digital
solitude her terror storage her suicide replicant form ADAM doll
[the far grief of a chromosome is shut down.  _like the lost_earth of
pupil:of the end clone.  :angel_mechanism_body line_software_smile]
It also shut down even [love]:is eroded to the inorganic substance emotional
circuit of the gimmick girl....the sun of the storage loss the soul-machine
of an ADAM doll/I turn off.  Zero speed of....impossibility death replicant
suicide line:that swims gene++TV to the hell of her cell_LOAD
FUCKNAMFUCKNAMFUCKNAM:the lonely nightmare of a cold machine dismantles the
pity=gene of the amniotic fluid mechanism on the human genome TV screen of
an ADAM doll.  Storage to that that does her non=being
The brain cell
Emotion that sun eradicated
It breeds like TOKAGE....I solve off/on:the far sleep of an ADAM doll and
release it.
The vaioof three/her reproduction quality of the devil of a chromosome.
:image of the threat of an ADAM doll only that respire
The LOAD line machinative angel of her inorganic substance artificial sun
fear desert who the machine:the lobotomy of the amniotic fluid
mechanism:=emotional 1/8:the body line of a nightmare:the threat
soul-machine of the small tragedy/happy/nano-machine....f of an ADAM doll
fuck the drug embryo the worldly desires machine in "ADAM" target future
crash of ant to the system=fiber that is planetary.
Beat/becomes unknown-


(gene=of=the sea transcends:)
Happy body of the drug embryo is dismantled
_becomes the inheritance tissue of speed....
                                             ADAM doll of
_turned the matrix lonely:GODNAM++REC=brain
                                            Replicant consciousness
Future system murder person of K:
The virus of grief is lost in wild fancies of the parasitism person of the
angel mechanism of the monochrome earth.
Junkie of
Et cetera of
Terror/vital/ADAM doll of....her drugy cell-group that perceived the end of the world.


Or her psychedelic eyes.  :the ovarium of the storage of uterus-machine
because I fabricate the replicant grief of clone boys
The contamination area of the miracle where the desire of the world, the
clumsy world, our machine mechanism were input.  It's existing in difficult
planetary:only the over there of a disillusionment the existence of an ADAM
doll.  /the absent=clonical love of the womb is being respired.  Mechanical
octave of the dark womb area grief of the gimmick girl:the machine of the
The artificial future of myself with her.  [
Access to the redundancy area: the replication person of clonical love:::the
far machine of grief


'The connection of Angel'
I meet by chance with the hell of the sun of the machine mechanism that the
despair of the brain of an ADAM doll reproduces


Kenji Siratori

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