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[Nettime-bold] NEW by WOLF KAHLEN

presents for your pleasure, use or link activities:
New Internet pieces by WOLF KAHLEN

Perdone, Cervantes
Sorry, Mister Joyce
Verzeihung, Herr von Goethe

In this sound triptych in Spanish, English or German language, classical
literatures,  which you know for sure, fall apart, like so many things
today, if you are not sensitive or patient enough to receive them rather
than act on them. But here you have the chance to re-de-compose them,
acoustically. Or make your own versions by use of the words of the poets. As
we anyhow may do in our mind, mindful or absent minded, when reading the
original texts in a book, the Gutenberg way.

Enlightenment 2

What is called enlightenment is an ephemerous phenomenum, everybody, who
knows it or of it, admits, it's like a blank, vast, open space in your mind,
giving room for anything and nothing at the same time, like these empty

Enlightenment 1

A virtual enlightenment flashes up, impossible to grasp or fix, in sensous

 Infinite piece, changing by every user, in the web since Jan 7th, 2000

Selbst-los /Self-less

Net artist WOLF KAHLEN is dissolving pixel by pixel, user by user in the
net. On a first page. On the second you see and hear your personal pixel,
the one, you activated to disappear, solely on the empty page. And on the
third page you see all the 'lost' pixels arriving back and shaping a new
WOLF KAHLEN. Look, hear and have the triptych printed out, signed and
numbered, the way you, only you see the process taking shape, nobody else
has seen this moment of the RITUAL DEATH.
An exiting piece and a very conceptual one, media concerned and at the same
time offering the sensuality the net is missing mostly..
The RUINE DER KUENSTE BERLIN presents it to collectors as a present, which
WOLF KAHLEN donated at his 60th birthday. The URL for the piece is
More about us:
More to come, stay tuned.

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