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[Nettime-bold] Bombings et cetera

Dstreever wrote:

As for our intentions, you still are ignoring my crucial point. I don't
two shits WHY Dubya does what he does. However, I am glad he is doing
it. I
am glad he blew up Iraqi military installations, at no cost to
civilians despite your accusations, and I feel Iraq should not be
allowed to
maintain a military. I feel that the solution to drug trafficking IS



Number one, I should say I disagree with you on two counts:  one, that
bombing Iraq is a good and simple solution; and two, that a huge war in
Columbia is a good and simple solution.  

Number two, I don't see what this has to do with anything.  You can
post as much as you want, of course, but you're not talking about
anything related to Genius 2000 I don't think.  You're arguing with
Briggs, that's fine, enjoy, but you're not discussing Genius 2000.

Unless of course you are arguing that Genius 2000 implies a
bombing-based approach to world politics.  If you are suggesting this, I
have to disagree.  Genius 2000 is open to many interpretations, and
you're welcome to yours whether or not it jibes with mine, but to my
mind Genius 2000 as such cannot accurately be interpreted as support for
a bombing diplomacy.  You'd be hard-pressed to rationalize bombings
using Genius 2000 as such for your support.  Moreover, to my mind Genius
2000 suggests quite the opposite:  and end to bombing diplomacy and a
transcendence, via enhanced cognition and media, of militarism in
general.  Many of my own interpretations of Genius 2000 have in fact
been directed attacks against the military system that works hand in
hand with the corporate global economy.

You do bring up an important question, i.e. what is the best way to
pursue Genius-2000-inspired progress.  I think this is relevant but I
have to restate very strongly that in my opinion George Bush and the
corporate-military state are savagely opposed to almost any
manifestation of Genius 2000 I can conceive of at this point.  Such
manifestations that spring to mind are the right to vote, the freedom
from taxation without representation, freedom from a sham system of
manufactured consent, and human rights in general but particularly
economic and environmental rights.  The corporate military also will
suffer from any discredit visited upon corporate media, which as you
know is one of my own favorite ambitions.

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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