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[Nettime-bold] <nettime>Protest = Profit

What follows constitutes the concluding documents of the protest = profit 
competition.The submissions (below) were deemed to have established the 
judges criterions of mutability,flux and plasticity.

Submissions to the detourned competition were as follows:'Artists'will be 
awarded an internationalist inspired award based on the piece

                                      'I am general field-marshal......'
Cin speaking:the reactionary will be (1) Voluntarily slaughtered by  Stewart  
Home who will then feed  the irradiated contents of his bowels to 
respectively, the Luther Blissett project the A.A.A. and World Serpent 
nietzeans gone wrong.The project will be provenience by a mail art exhibition 
of any brain matter spread with autonomist politics.You will also experience 
pain as the body is bruised by the populist counter culture and techno beats 
the revolution  is ignored by, as all concerned are to busy making money from 
(2)Subject to mentally and physically paralysing brain surgery and spend the 
last years of its life corrupting the youth of athens in a frankfurt 
school,headed by a  baudrillardian in a lyotard that simulates a hanging's in 
the presence of an overly aesthetic Hegel who upon dying farts a moses 
lookie- likie called Karl.
(3)Summoned by Maxim Gorky  who will shoot you in the heart with a 
situationist inspired 'kinetic' design for the apotheosis of futurism in 
italy (a legion of Bicycle units !)Your head will be placed on a stake then 
allowed to auto-destruct in the dead section of the stammenhein,it will then 
be duly liberated and placed in grovesnor sqre circa 1968.
(4)Abducted by Aktionists who will crucify the corpse creator and be 
subsequently hacked and fed to vultures -saving the hands of course for the 
aptly named 'Bourgeois'- then stuffed left overs will be e-mailed to the 
chapman brothers and the scattered dreams of the nile while any remaining 
parts get placed in a piss tank and become revered as artefacts .
(5)Bombed in front of a chinese embassy to the tears of celebrities around 
the globe lamenting the lost opportunities for social conditioning and role 
modelling .Both the fee paying and state sponsored  sponsors and audience 
will receive complimentary bags of iraqi babies to snack on after your 
documented stabbing by autonomedia leads us to Lenin's tomb.
This is 'CAPITALS' punishment:After much consideration the call in the text ' 
T.W.A.F.A.' was best thought to be encapsulated by simply condemning all the 
judging panel  to long and pro-post-sperous careers in their chosen field of 
elitist specialism , the compromise this entails will  invalidate  any future 
claims to lead as vangaurd and prevent assimilation of the revolutionary 
There is no middle ground in war.Either you are the people or the enemy.You 
must make your choice.

Apologies for the delay but  I've been preoccupied with a project juxtaposing 
aristotle and the koran so Ibn Rushd. 

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