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[Nettime-bold] same ol' sad artworld shell-game online (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 06:48:06 -0500
From: Mark Tribe <mark@rhizome.org>
To: { brad brace } <bbrace@eskimo.com>

hey brad

your point is well-taken. until we went non-profit, we did pay writer's fees
to our regional editors. then, when we went non-profit, we had to focus all
of our resources (i.e. money) on building a sustainable organization.

despite the fact that we got some big grants last year, we are still
struggling to cover basic operational costs. there is no public safety net
for small nonprofits in the us. that's why this community campaign is so

but the time is at hand when we will start paying fees to artists once
again. we just wrote a couple of grants to commission net art projects. and
we also hope to start paying writers fees again. other programs which might
include fees include event programs, (virtual) residencies and education/
outreach programs.

artists' work should not be taken for granted. artists deserve to be
well-paid for their time and the content. as an artist, i am 100% committed
to finding ways to provide direct support to artists through our programs.




[censored by rhizome]

>From: { brad brace } <bbrace@eskimo.com>
>To: list@rhizome.org
>Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Community Campaign Update
>Date: Sun, Dec 10, 2000, 9:06 PM

> On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Mark Tribe wrote:
>> A few dollars and a few minutes of your time is all it takes to join these
>> visionary philanthropists in supporting Rhizome.org.

> But does Rhizome pay its artists?
> Why support the same ol' abusive story?
> Let's support each other without the hapless hierarchical hype!
> << http://bbrace.laughingsquid.net/buy-into.html >>


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