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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> No Protest No Profit >>> Execution

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<< Lumpenilluminate wrote:
 >'The workers are free activists'
 >The judging panel of  the 'no protest no profit'  competition,  a concept
 >edited and published against the Lumpen Iluminati,against its prophet and
 >against its projects,along with all the editors and publishers aware of its
 >contents,are condemned to capitals punishment.We call on all valiant
 >insurrectionists wherever they may be in the world to execute this sentence
 >without delay,so that no one hencefoth will dare insult the sacred beliefs 
 >the L.I.
 >Ludo (minister of information to the L.I )
 Following the worldwide call to execute the Jury of No Protest No Profit 
 (Ricardo Dominguez, Natalie Bookchin, Matthew Fuller, Steve Dietz, Cornelia 
 Sollfrank) and the promoters of the competition (The Thing Rome and 
 The Thing Rome and Lumpenilluminate launches No Murder No Profit, the first 
 international competition of net.murdering.
 All of the proposals of capital punishment, submitted to the address
 Lumpenilluminate <>
 within the 31st of december 2001, will be analyzed and selected by Ludo, 
 the Revolutionary Minister of the Lumpenilluminate, according to the 
 following criteria:
 1. Atrocity of the execution.
 2. Level of entertainment for the pubblic.
 3. Capacity to create a spectacular format re-sellable and packable for 
 different media, such as radio, tv, internet, mobile phones and museums.
 4. Atrocity of the final exhibition .
 The best proposal will have the honor to be executed in front of the Panel 
 of Lumpenilluminate and a "pay-per-view audience". The capital that 
 Lumpenilluminate and The Thing Rome will raise out of the Show, will be 
 re-invested in the next executions/suicides.
 In the name of the People  -  Justice will be made - By any means necessary !
 The Thing Rome (Candidate Suicide)
 Lunmpenilluminate (Supreme Judge)  

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