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[Nettime-bold] the case

Title: the case

Denomination : "Inmates"
Duration: 6mn66sec
Form: sound waves
Contents: me about him

1. 6 Lover card in Tarot: the card of Disabling Choice or Renouncement.
2. 6 Parts of the body according to the Chinese: Head, Torso, Arms, Legs.
3. 6 Emotions according to the Chinese : Anger, Pain, Hate, Joy, Pleasure,
4. 6 Sung / Conflict in the Book of Change: You are sincere and being     
  obstructed. Beware of enmity perpetration. Carefully consider the   
5. 6 House in Tarot Therapy: of resources and qualities.
6. 6 Art: monomania.

Lover parts emotions sung house art.


Pitch black cylindrical enclosed space, a metal case, that can comfortably accommodate six people whom will be resting in a circle on a warm ring-shaped waterbed behind bars of an empty inner cylindrical cage composed of tree trunks.

Proper noiseless ventilation should keep enough air circulating.

Six headphones and a central microphone will be hanging from the case's 18  feet high ceiling.

The number of people may reach a climactic 6 at a time, and each entry of 6 or 2 should count an equal number of man and woman. It is only permitted to enter by 2, 3 or 6, in which case there is an exception to the equal number rule for an entry of 3.

The participants are free to chose their emplacement.

It is not permitted to bring anything in the case except for necessary or desired clothing. Blankets would be readily available in the case.

If at any given moment before the earphones are placed, a person feels threatened by the vulnerable nakedness of other participants, he or she is permitted to not enter the room - again, if and only if they acknowledge this fact before the fact of the case. However, if such a person comes to acknowledge this fact after the fact, they will not be permitted to exit the case unless fleeing seems a serious necessity, though this undoubtedly will not resolve my case.

Feasibility: ineffable. Participants will settle for a listening of the piece on earphones in the dark holding a balloon filled with warm water.

"The too-late conditions the work of art and its success."
- Gilles Deleuze

Leili 12/06/2000

"There is no merit in anyone's preferring reality when no imagination has to be overcome."
- Herbert Brun