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[Nettime-bold] European Master Narratives


European Master Narratives

(From Larousse, World Mythology, ed.Pierre Grimal, trans. Patricia
Beardsworth, 1973, area titles with shuffled attributes)

Siberia: Society and Tradition
Eskimo Lands: Gods by Conquest
Rome: Magic Animals
Finland-Ugria: The Eternal Cycle
Japan: Myth in History
Celtic Lands: Nature Worship
Egypt: The Mortal Gods
Empires of the Ancient Near East: Myth and Logic
China: Folk-Lore of the Forests
Western Semitic Lands: Creation and Destruction
Oceania: Spirits of Good and Evil
Germanic Lands: The Idea of the Supreme God
Baltic Lands: Gods of Sacrifice
Africa: Gods by Conquest
Central America: Syncretism and State Religion
North America: Cosmic Dualism


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