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[Nettime-bold] IKU.ICA.CYBERSALON.

CYBERSEX @ Cybersalon
 Sexual assistance for humans

 Monday 11th December 2000
 ICA (institute of contemporary arts), the mall, london SW1 5AH
 Tube: Charing Cross/Piccadilly
 Film screenings:
 @ 4.30pm (2.50), 8.30pm (4.50), 10.15pm
(free for Cybersalon ticket  holders)
 Cybersalon presents the UK premiere of I.K.U- a Japanese cyber-porn film
 where the Genom Corporation send out replicants to gather data through sex.
 "I.K.U. invents a future cybersexual universe" (Sundance festival)

 From 6.30pm in the theatre:
 4/2 (conc) /1.50 (ICA members)

 Shu Lea Cheang [artist and director of I.K.U]

 Cherie Matrix: [Feminists Against Censorship]

 Seats are limited for the talk- to book call the ICA on 0207 9303647

 The talk will be broadcast simultaneously in the ICA bar
 Live web cast on from 7pm GMT
 Ask questions remotely via the Web or through text messaging projected
 into the talk


 after the talk 2/1.50
 From 9pm in the bar and theatre:

I.K.U. LiVE jam RENDER #1

VJ:  SanFranDisco
I .K.U. as  a self-mutating digital cinema genre that
writes and rewrites sequential render, IKU LiVEjam
renders collective cinematic experience.

 ANTI-Rom launch their Wildlife Supersampler
 Live music from:
 Monoman and Manuka
 Dj Seraphim

 Pirate TV (Ninja Tune project) invite you to partake in their live web

 Featured digital art: interactive sex toys, animations and video work

 ends: 1am