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>Terrence Kosick <>
>>Many people have been seeing america as overpowering for a long time. I think the
>>republicans will put an honest face on it.  It will help America wake up when is
>>sees itself in the mirror.Just wait and see. The seeds of discontent were sown
>>with the mai protests.  You could see it
>>coming here a couple of years ago I fucking hated
>>the PM then and i still do. he's a sellout and and an asshole. You could see the
>>signs years ago with the closing of factories and the forclosere of farms. Nobody
>>is looking out for his felow man, we're all spoied now. We all want success.
>>Ther's going to be a lot of protest and maybe more rioting.  In  a way were doomed
>>to be fascist assholes ourselves. Guilty by our apathetic complicity.   We're
>>killing the common person.   We killed the students in indonesia.   We put the
>>children in the factories.   We all want to be comfortable.   It is costing the
>>world its freedom and happiness.   Its always been that way.  If you have a heart
>>you have to say/do something about it.
>amuzant. = dze `art!zt` dze 01 mozt abs fasc!zt!k l!f objkt. 

apropoz `fasc!zt!k`

konz!dr 01 ma!

human bra!nz = 2 perzent ov human bod! ue!ght
+ konzum 25 prozent ov human metabol!k energ!e
+ 40 prozent ov human blood glukosz

letz kont!nue shl ue.

zeksual zelekz!e dr!vn b! plzr = 01 dream kom true.

akadem!a = h!gh faz!on = rel!g!on = modern art = produsz
zubl!m uandrz + monztrouz abzurd!t!ez.

human malez = grou pen!zez dzat = much longr. 
th!cker + fleks!bl dzn odr apez.

human femalez = hav enlarged breastz + butoks. narouear ua!ztz + 01 greatr orgazm!k 
kapaz!t! dzn odr pr!matez.

breazt feed!ng = ra!zez !q b! 5 po!ntz.
bottle feed!ng = louerz !q b! 5 po!ntz

b!pedal!zm = aloud human femalez 2 fokuz > on dze pen!z.
b!pedal!zm = aloud human malez 2 fokuz > on dze breaztz.

human malez hav 01 greatr var!az!on !n !q - !e produsz > gen!usez + > !mbez!lz

konztataz!e =_?

ch!mpanzee bra!nz = ue!gh 01 lb. human bra!nz ue!gh 03 lb. dolf!nz` = 04 lb.

konztataz!e =_?


01 alex ov zvrl alexes = t!pz

>i love you

   def!n!ng evnl! zpaszd koord!nate valuez !n 02 d!menz!onz

   prev du = t!pd

   >will you marry me?

   ! am !n luv avec dze mozt del!z!ouz ov all l!f 4rmz
   she nurturez dze mozt magn!f!znt ov gardnz. !t = dzere !zt 
   dream.ztajt ztor!ez = assembld +luv!ngl!. she ztealz g!ps! 
   ch!ldrn.z tearz + pa!ntz dzm !n bez!er cccelz.

   tzo !ez. ! u!l marr! u alex. plz obzerv - do not touch dze d!zpla!z.
   = unzan!tar!.

   zenzor!al kr!ter!on zubm!td 2 dze tezt ov t!me.

   nn. kal!brat!ng dze v!olet ra!z !n her e!ez.

>i love you

shou m!

konzult dze teor!e ov dze le!zur klass [konzp!kouz konzumpz!on]
malez kourt.femalez chooze.   - 01 !nf!n!t var!et! ov uazte. ! l!ke !t +?

01 female bod! = haz ~ever!dz!ng nezezar! 2 konztrukt > l!f objktz.
eggz. womb. m!lk. dze onl! m!z!ng data = 01 !nekspenz!v dna paket 4rom 01 male.
   !n zlkt barnakl zpec!ez malez = merel! bagz ov zperm 
   !n zpez!al pouchez !nz!de dze female

= tzo ver! 01 !nundaz!e ov u!l!ng dna donorz dzat ! = ultra chooz!.

    shou m! ur genez \ advert!sz ur budget  [!t evolvz betr !nd!katrz 4 dze nekst 2x generaz!e]

nn - !gf2r. 

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     

Netochka Nezvanova      - !gf2r. simply SUPERIOR
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

v!v!d v!zual !magez = voluntar!l! generatd !n dze human m9nd
!n dze absensz ov v!zual !nput [!ez.plz]

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