integer on 3 Dec 2000 15:45:52 -0000

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lets breathe -


                   303.digitizer   - konxider uaiting
                   -  [texture via
                                                                        simulate 01 tempest] 
                   242.rekord      -
                   242.204         -
         yes pl-ease

did chance upon 01 film i couldnt read with very beautiful music 
mm   traveling back to my lightening and rain storm and .    
tomorrow shall think of ... a did i tell of the dream 2 nights prior
an empty body yet whole body  not a mask but lived through none the
less  wept the day  think nothing of it  wept the week
holding the practical edges together wishing only for that
bit of time back had so recently to dive the impractical
na tena lala salama

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