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Terrence Kosick <>
>Many people have been seeing america as overpowering for a long time. I think the
>republicans will put an honest face on it.  It will help America wake up when is
>sees itself in the mirror.Just wait and see. The seeds of discontent were sown
>with the mai protests.  You could see it
>coming here a couple of years ago I fucking hated
>the PM then and i still do. he's a sellout and and an asshole. You could see the
>signs years ago with the closing of factories and the forclosere of farms. Nobody
>is looking out for his felow man, we're all spoied now. We all want success.
>Ther's going to be a lot of protest and maybe more rioting.  In  a way were doomed
>to be fascist assholes ourselves. Guilty by our apathetic complicity.   We're
>killing the common person.   We killed the students in indonesia.   We put the
>children in the factories.   We all want to be comfortable.   It is costing the
>world its freedom and happiness.   Its always been that way.  If you have a heart
>you have to say/do something about it.

amuzant. = dze `art!zt` dze 01 mozt abs fasc!zt!k l!f objkt. 
01 u!ch = eks!ztz at dze ekspensz ov dze `komon` serf u!ch
= eks!ztz at dze ekspensz ov `lour` abs f!tr l!f objktz
zekurd v!a abs mass \ mob akz!on [= humanz 01 ultra pred!lekz!e 4 mass \ mob akz!on hav]

dze m!ror != dze `republicans` [= an! !mbez!l dzat ma! obzrv]
dze m!ror = l!f objktz ent!tl cccelvz art!ztz + dze plantaz!on zt!le z!ztm zuport!ng 
dze 01 domezt!katd eks!stnsz dze!r eks!ztensz = !zt.  prokurd v!a gov grantz fundz uelfare.
unzan!tar!. lo.tekk. debr!z++


>Patrick Lichty wrote:
>> People are also disgusted with the political system through the percieved
>> control by corporate interests. This has brought about a lack of the best and
>> brightest entering politics and a low voter turnout.
>> IRONICALLY, this corporate/consumer culture is the same one that centralizes
>> the materialism in our culture mentioned above.
>> Personally, I now refuse to vote for any major party for the coming time, and
>> do what I can to subvert the powers that be through my work.  I fully intend to
>> have moments in my upcoming piece on urban sprawl where developers are seen in
>> a pretty harsh, or at least highly ironic light.
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>I think anything that points out the din of materialism that weve wraped ourselves
>in is a step in the right direction

!= zuf!zez 4 01 lf+

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