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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> NO PROTEST NO PROFIT >>> Consultation

<< In a message dated 01/12/00 01:55:16 GMT Standard Time, 
 << if you disagreed so much with these goals or methods, you could have not 
  send anything and partecipate only to those protests which are pure and 
 Con - you 've included the 'protest = profit' url (CHEAP SPAM OR 
WHAT ?) and due to general tone, I'll assume partisanship here.....intrueging 
when one considers the early days of this dispute and the nettime subscribers 
not even being exposed to  our initial source letters of 'PROTEST' to the 
JUDGES and the fact that two formal complaints have been registered with  the 
enterprise organisers....... that we specifically requested you publish in 
full.....interesting you prefer to collude and mislead in disengenous sniping 
rather than publish the appeals.....the 2nd one in particular covers your 
points raised......but to just paraphrase 'are you going to add censorship 
and bureaucratic centralism to the list '?? 
 Ludo (Minister of information to the L.I.)

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