Marc Voge on 1 Dec 2000 12:35:34 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Web Project 8 -- Web Art in Seoul

Web Project 8 -- Web Art in Seoul

The Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, presents:
Web Project 8, December 1, 2000 - February 1, 2001
An online exhibition of new Web works by 8 artists:

Superbad (Ben Benjamin)
Diane Bertolo
Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries
Jeong-hwa Choi
Jodi (Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans)
The Candy Factory (Takuji Kogo)
Olia Lialina
Alexei Shulgin

Marc Voge, guest curator

To whom it may concern: 

It would be great, and I would be much obliged, if you could add this
announcement to your list.


Marc Voge

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