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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> NO PROTEST NO PROFIT >>> Consultation wrote:

>  First International Competition of Net.Protest
>   >>
>The organisers of this promotional gimmick have failed to point out that
>certain'art' works were included and deemed of 'artistic' merit without
>their producers consent (i.e. on not intended or concieved as ART )and
>have failed to respond to formal complaints and PROTESTS surrounding their
>ILLUMINATES).We respectfully suggest the organisers use the $$$$$$$$ to
>feed themselves and save us all the tedium of their marketing and carreer
>brokering gimmicks.

dear Lumpen,

the level of your illumination is probably lower then any "lumpen" i ever 
met. when The Thing Rome and 0100101110101101.ORG called for No Protest No 
Profit, they explicitly stated that all of the e-mails would have been part 
of a net.artwork (here is the text of the call).

as a "competition" of net.protest, No Protest No Profit was aimed to raise 
profit for protesters, exploiting all of the art's paradigms and system 
(such as a Jury, a cultural institution or media art festival and so on) in 
order to buy the inboxes of the city of rome.

if you disagreed so much with these goals or methods, you could have not 
send anything and partecipate only to those protests which are pure and 



 ><<<No Protest No Profit>>>
 >First International Competition of net.protest
 >Call for entries


 >At the end of the competition the Jury will make a total estimation of 
the e-mails and will establish >a final price, as a result of the addition 
of all the messages. This final price will fix the value of 
the >net.artwork "NO PROTEST NO PROFIT".

 >On the basis of this estimation, The Thing Rome will make an economical 
offer to the City of >Rome, in order to buy the Inboxes and the Outboxes of 
Mariella Gramaglia, Mauro Biddau and >Claudia De Paolis, in the period 
included between the 2nd and the 30th of October. An important >cultural 
institution, still covered, will buy the right to use the artwork, for a 
major exhibition. The >exhibition will be considered by no means a 
collective event, whose success will be divided >amongst all the participants.

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