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>> Generally in Europe it's preferable to have laws against everything
>> fascist, because there are fascists behind every bush and the only viable
>> solution is to force them to stay there, otherwise they come out into the
>> public space and start ordering you around.
>Ok if you add in US you put 1 man by 2 of lower class in jail for removing their
>right to vote but for keeping their right to buy powerlessness grigri nazi trinket.
>So exept for playing the fish if you add this french action is a real progress in a
>'certain' globalisation and not at all 'an expression of particularism'
>Cause first global doesn't want general rules in internet as you know, so it's not
>only cause to establish some idiot and local rules is the best mean to ridiculise
>rules and global politic but also cause idiot and local rules are often best mean for
>justifying soon invasive mean for probing your soul, heart, and purse, as all secure
>biz need good private information.
>Yet we are feed up to see pedonazi as colonic irrigation of webguts insides, but as
>all enema, it runs, and permit I said I see so much the two french antiracist
>whatisit with big nose masque as the marvelouus doctor during the black death, I am
>jealous, cause it's my dream to knock at each househusband & wife at  Halloween in
>such charlatanesque clystherik set, and for not asking candy.. i have really the

porculus = fasc!nant++


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