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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Yahoo and the regulators

> Generally in Europe it's preferable to have laws against everything
> fascist, because there are fascists behind every bush and the only viable
> solution is to force them to stay there, otherwise they come out into the
> public space and start ordering you around.

Ok if you add in US you put 1 man by 2 of lower class in jail for removing their
right to vote but for keeping their right to buy powerlessness grigri nazi trinket.
So exept for playing the fish if you add this french action is a real progress in a
'certain' globalisation and not at all 'an expression of particularism'
Cause first global doesn't want general rules in internet as you know, so it's not
only cause to establish some idiot and local rules is the best mean to ridiculise
rules and global politic but also cause idiot and local rules are often best mean for
justifying soon invasive mean for probing your soul, heart, and purse, as all secure
biz need good private information.
Yet we are feed up to see pedonazi as colonic irrigation of webguts insides, but as
all enema, it runs, and permit I said I see so much the two french antiracist
whatisit with big nose masque as the marvelouus doctor during the black death, I am
jealous, cause it's my dream to knock at each househusband & wife at  Halloween in
such charlatanesque clystherik set, and for not asking candy.. i have really the
vocation. Well..And you know what they have to boneset and d!!p this antiracist
whatsit ? cause if in US you have circumscribed your bunch of 'self deciding'
nonvoter untouchable in jail, you have to know that in france '40% of the voter had
voted once for front national' and last but not least during 80's all the studies
about the profile of front national voter were inconclusive 'from all classes &
horizon' but suddenly now it's clear and certain 'most from lower class, ancient
commies drunkard etc. '. Question is no more if human is good or not ; but is the
humaninternetus a pedophileSA full of beer in the ratio of more of 50% ? and when
this tech profiled helot hunting will be open at last.. you know this heap of flesh
good enough for biological reengeenering that one call 'customer'.
Internet is the last mirror for human, look inside and said how ugly pedonazi he is
and cry wolf and devil and you make a reality effect i.e. his so sweet and elegant
and nice virtual disparagement 'cry wolf and you see its tail' as we say here.
Yes I know the beginning of rights is often looking as a by error process, but here
both antiracist whatsit and French judge just wanted to score a global hit, but for

Ps : I notice the last resounding french judgement about internet was this so
heavy condamnation of an hacker who has tried to sell to banks his created number
cards algorithmus.. my! imagine what he get this poor airhead gullible. both make
sense for me. altern arse starlet affair was just a gently kindergarten chats, an 'à
la molière arse' you know i.e. an idle french arse for hiding a shakespearian walking

> The argument that you can replace law with the market is as absurd as the
> fantasy that both will someday disappear (along with old Nazis and every
> other social problem). Personally, I accept the complexity of having to
> break certain laws in order to press for others. I am always a little
> disappointed when my anarchist friends from the anti-capitalist
> demonstrations go on dreaming of a stateless world. I dream of a world
> where the state knows that it always has to reckon with vigilant
> communities and individuals.
> Brian Holmes

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