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Selection of New TLD Proposals for Negotiation

Whereas, in resolution 00.46 the Board adopted the Names Council's
recommendation that a policy be established for the introduction of
new TLDs in a measured and responsible manner;

Whereas, on 3 August 2000 the ICANN staff, acting under the
President's direction, posted a "New TLD Application Process

Whereas, on 15 August 2000 the ICANN staff, again acting under the
President's direction, posted Criteria for Assessing TLD Proposals
that it would follow in making recommendations to the Board and
instructions and forms for the use of applicants in applying to
operate or sponsor new TLDs;

Whereas, 47 applications were received by the 2 October 2000 deadline
for submission of new TLD applications;

Whereas, the non-confidential portions of the applications were
posted and extensive public comments were received on them;

Whereas, on 10 November 2000, a report evaluating the applications
prepared by an evaluation team consisting of ICANN staff and outside
advisers was posted on the ICANN web site;

Whereas, many additional written comments were received on the web
site, by e-mail, and otherwise;

Whereas, several constituencies of the Domain Name Supporting
Organization have presented positions to the Board;

Whereas, several hours of applicant and public comments were
presented at the in-person ICANN public forum held on 16 November

RESOLVED [00.___], the Board selects the following proposals for
negotiations toward appropriate agreements between ICANN and the
registry operator or sponsoring organization, or both:  JVTeam
(.biz), Afilias (.info), Global Name Registry (.name), RegistryPro
(.pro), MDMA (.museum), SITA (.aero), NCBA (.coop);

RESOLVED [00.___], the President and General Counsel are authorized
to conduct those negotiations on behalf of ICANN and, subject to
further Board approval or ratification, to enter into appropriate
agreements; and

RESOLVED [00.___], the President and General Counsel are authorized
to retain legal and other assistance in support of the negotiations
and related activities.

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