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[Nettime-bold] Order West Nile Virus Online! (fwd)

Order West Nile Virus Online!
by Robert Lederman
[visit  http://Baltech.org/lederman/spray/
for the real West Nile Virus story]

Below is the website address ( http://www.atcc.org/ ) and two
pages from the ATTC (American Type Culture Collection)
homepage. The second page of info [it starts about halfway
through this email] is for ordering West Nile Virus (WNV). 

ATTC sold Sadamn Hussein West Nile Virus and 70 other
bio-warfare applicable chemicals, bacteria and viruses before
the Gulf War started and its director was the former head of
Rockefeller University-which may be implicated in the original
WNV epidemic in Uganda in 1937 [See Newsday excerpt and
Rockefeller University article excerpt below]. Note: I am not
suggesting (as a planted CIA disinformation piece in the media
last year attempted to do) that Iraq was responsible for the
NYC West Nile "epidemic" nor am I suggesting that ATTC or
any of its employees were responsible. I am suggesting that
WNV could have been accidentally or deliberately released
into the NYC environment by any of the individuals,
government agencies or bio-medical institutions that have
ordered it from ATTC over the past decades. The mechanism
could have been as "innocent" as experimental waste materials
from a NYC research facility being carelessly disposed of.

The ease of ordering this and related materials (you can order
just about any toxic virus or bacteria you've ever read about
from this website) makes it clear that the CDC's stated theories
that WNV came into this country "in a used tire from Asia" or
via "a mosquito that might have been inside an airborne Israeli
tourist's clothing" or by "mosquitoes carried here in a
transatlantic storm" is about as believable as the idea that we've
just had an honest election. ANYONE with a couple of
hundred bucks can start their own "West Nile Virus epidemic"
on their kitchen table. The only screening process is to sign a
form accepting responsibility. This site is worth exploring in
depth. It has references to mycoplasmas and numerous other
dangerous living substances used in biowarfare that can be
ordered by anyone with a credit card.
ATTC Homepage

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stages from preimplantation to newborn [Ko et al. Hum. Mol.
Genet. 7: 1967-78, 1998 (Pubmed: 9811942); Tanaka et al.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97: 9127-9132, 2000 (Pubmed:
10922068)]. The ERATO/Doi cDNA collection contains
mouse clones from egg to blastocyst [Ko et al. Development
127: 1737-1749, 2000 (Pubmed: 10725249)]. Look for these
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 [To access ATTC's page for ordering live samples of West
Nile Virus (included below) click on >new animal viruses<
near the bottom of their main page   http://www.atcc.org/   ]
Animal Viruses 
ATCC Number: VR-82   
Organism: West nile 
Designation: B 956 
Depositors: M. Theiler 
Host of Choice: Host(s) of Choice: mouse, i. c. inoculation 
Isolation: Blood of patient, Uganda, Africa, 1937 
Classification: Flaviviridae, Flavivirus 
Host Range: sM (i.c., i.p.), Ha (i.c.), Mk, CE, duck E, HaK
cells, human 
Effect: Illness and death 
References: RF42630: Smithburn KC. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.
20: 471, 1940 
Comments: Brain tissue from morbid mice will have a titer of
about 10(e8). Produces encephalitis in rhesus monkey.
Agglutinates goose RBC. Inactivated by ether and by sodium
desoxycholate. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. 
Propagation: Growth Conditions: 2-3 days 
BioSafety Level: 3 
Required Forms: Customer Acceptance of Responsibility;
Hawaiian Department of Agriculture permit required for
recipients in Hawaii; PHS permit (CDC 0.728) 
Shipped: freeze-dried 
Price: $229  
Revised : May 01, 2000    

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Cultures special ordered as test tubes, stabs or flasks, carry an
additional laboratory fee of $50.00 each. Minimum invoicing is
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Shipping Charges
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All rights reserved.

Newsday 11/27/96 Undisclosed Connection
"A Nobel laureate who headed a 1994 Pentagon study that
dismissed links between chemical and biological weapons and
Persian Gulf War Illness was also a director of a U.S. firm that
has earlier exported anthrax and other lethal materials to Iraq
before the 1991 conflict, according to federal records.
Renowned geneticist Joshua Lederberg of New York served as
chairman of the Defense Science Board Task force on Persian
Gulf War Health Effects. At the time of the 1994 study,
Lederberg was also one of 10 directors on the board of
American Type Culture Collection, or ATCC. Newsday has
found that the non-profit Rockville, Md. firm made 70
government approved shipments of anthrax and other
disease-causing pathogens [including West Nile Virus] to Iraqi
scientists between 1985 and 1989 according to congressional
records...the ATCC shipments, along with supplies from other
countries, had been used by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's
scientists for an expanding biological weapons program,
according to U.S. officials...the study was overseen by Deputy
Defense Secretary John Deutch, now director of the Central
Intelligence Agency...some members of the panel who served
with Lederberg, 71, the former president of Rockefeller
University in Manhattan, were unaware of his ties to ATCC."

From: http://www.rockefeller.edu/archive.ctr/rro/bell.html
Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports Online 
Yellow Fever in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by Heather Bell
This article originally appeared in the 1995 Rockefeller
Archive Center Newsletter.

"No one had any idea that yellow fever occurred in the
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan until 1933, when its previous biological
existence was discovered as part of an Africa-wide immunity
survey conducted by the International Health Division (IHD)
of the Rockefeller Foundation (RF)...The Sudan government
was not willing, however, to let the yellow fever virus enter
Sudan for experimental purposes, and therefore refused an IHD
request to establish a yellow fever laboratory in southern
Sudan. The Ugandan government gave the IHD a better
reception; with the opening of the Yellow Fever Research
Institute at Entebbe in 1936, IHD scientists started the search
for East African yellow fever virus in order to indicate their
immunity test results...When the outbreak that the IHD had
been waiting for finally came, it nearly passed everyone by...In
the eyes of the Sudan Medical Service (SMS) and IHD
researchers, however, the epidemic was less an episode of
human suffering than an exciting scientific event. Exulted Dr.
Robert Kirk of the SMS, in his Scottish lilt, "If it were no' for
the war, this epidemic wad be juist grrrand!" IHD doctors
Alexander F. Mahaffy and Kenneth C. Smithburn isolated two
strains of yellow fever virus from the Nuba Mountains. This
proved the validity of the protection test and confirmed that
many cases of East African yellow fever were mild, even
sub-clinical. Among colonial doctors in Africa, everyone was a
convert, requesting large supplies of the RF's 17D yellow fever
vaccine...From acountry without African colonies, the RF
provided the international personnel, outlook, and funds that
made for truly global medical philanthropy."

Newsday 9/29/99 Area Labs Have Long Studied Virus / Yale,
Rockefeller began tests in '50s page A28
 “Epidemiologists suspect  that the West Nile virus has for the
first time been isolated in humans or animals in the Western
Hemisphere, but the virus has for decades made its home in
several U.S. research laboratories, including Rockefeller
University in Manhattan and Yale University in New Haven,
Conn. In fact, investigators there were the first to grow and
study the West Nile virus in the United States. The work began
in the 1950s when unidentified viral samples from around the
world arrived at Rockefeller on a steady basis.”

Newsday 11/21/93 Lab Focus Was On 4 Animal Diseases
"When the military officially closed Ft. Terry in 1954, Army
officers turned over to Plum Island scientists 134 strains of 13
viruses collected from four continents, most obtained for
development as biological warfare weapons."

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
ARTISTpres@aol.com  (718) 743-3722
for full coverage of the real WNV story see

No Spray Coalition, PO Box 334, Peck Slip Station, NYC
10272-0334   No Spray hotline at (718) 670-7110. 

[Note: this email should not be construed as encouraging
anyone to order WNV from ATTC. It is for informational and
educational purposes only.]


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