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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> cell/mobile phones

> > (and tangentially, given the massive uptake of mobiles, you'd
> > suggest their marketing strategies are pretty accurate, hence the
> > survey data they're basing their strategies on must similarly be...)
> Their marketing strategies are based on fashion and sex appeal, not on
> safety.  I haven't seen any adverts that even mention the security
> benefits of mobile phones.

really? wow. the most sucessful mobile phone ad here in aust was one from
the mid 1990's that featured a young woman in a car in an alley at
night; car breaks down, woman gets out of car, looks around worriedly,
gets mobile out of purse, calls help, and everything ends happily ever
after. even today, network operators still use the poster campaign of this
ad - the woman standing by the car at night in the alley, with a tag line
along the lines of 'if she had a mobile she'd be home by now', or some
such (that's a paraphrase) - in their sales offices. it apparently beats
the crap out of all the upwardly mobile and/or sexually suggestive mobile
ad campaigns.



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