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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-inner_pill

my artificial insemination pupil of clone-TOKAGE that the sun of the desert
that an organ collapses go to ruin the drug=margin of a boy machine goes mad
to 1mg of night sky drugy-planet of the boy machine*murder synapse ant that
the girl who the nihilistic earth of the brain-pig-thyroid of the
digital=vampwhere ADAM_body soul escapes from suck=blood record the vagina
that was dissected kisses thyroid=channel of the dial-girl that the
anthropoid does the solar system pure white boy machine that the
human-genome was distorted the chaos brain of the drug-embryo that laughs
the clone that dives the pituitary of her fly pattern-to the
criminal_communication_net of the DNA that dives the fuck changes
suicide-circuit of the artificial sun nihilistic boy machine of the ADAM_dog
that my homosexual_respiration of the SEX-mode amniotic fluid of zero is
murdered" by the storage of yourself does short and girl of that the
menstruation that was betrayed recurs eternity to the storage of the
soul-machine-rape straight line girls of nightmare machines ADAM of the
digital=womb area that explodes ADA-brain of my ADAM=human body ADAM=murder
person ADAM=universe angel mechanism is infected with the synapse of the
'M'-embryo and at random [existence-possibility!] the planet of the cyber
embryo of 'S' was break down! of boy-machine with the horizon that exploded
i collect the disillusionment of the light year of the cadaver-city
womb_area_machine/menstruation of that vagina-replicant digital-girl/write
with the machinative=body of the fly that got deranged the respiration of
her zero the DNA that the chromosome of a boy crowds to the equator of the
original brain replicant_murder-limited-express of ADAM that the body of an
embryo becomes savage dances i witness the brain universes of the mirror
image catastroph of my 1/8 of ADAM-insanity scattering that transmit the
micro-crime of the cyber-embryo to the womb_area of the love of a clone to
the interior of the womb of the junkie_dog ant pattern of cadaver-city i who
the synapse of the boy-machine of mg prevails//fear only of the soul of her
decay that replicant consciousness does the wreckage of storage=fuck the
thyroid of the murder person angel mechanism yourself that the machine does
the drug-motion that resuscitates in the rhythmical crowd of the artificial
sun that the machine that the machine is played miscarry reproduces
planetary=TV of the love of a clone with the desire of my gene level that
modifies the madness line of the savage body=head line alternative_ADAM
clone of the embryo that is parasitic on the over there of her pupil noise
womb-cell of the brain of breakdown-line yourself of the particle being
emotional stalls the blue of the sky of the womb_machine_area that rape my
secret soul that controls 1/8 seconds DNA=channel of the desert of the
boy-machine does it that does it that makes visual it that approximates the
planet of her murderous vagina rhythm puzzle with my replicant_consciousness
"all be below future. all are over at present." my storage leaps spiral form
masses of flesh ZERO of the reproduction gland LEVEL UP! boy machine of the
heat of the cadaver city that the crime system of the cyber-embryo creates
the virtual image of inorganic substance_yourself
my machine plays the clone_human being of the end the suicide program
circuit of ADAM of the boy machine that explodes the electron that iterates
1/8 of the fatalities are oscillated in the center where the womb cell of
our cyber mechanism turned with the fabrication of the world so reverse to
the cracking of the quantum theory of my soul=the hybrid thyroid artificial
sun of the body ant ADAM clone that the air cell of the mass of flesh sleep
that the future tense of the dog that my machinative-beat does chaos escape
from the clone=dive SOS end machine that reverse the complicated sun of cain
fission the drug embryo who cause the menstruation of the girl that
approximated the cadaver-city swollen out evolves the nest of the spider of
the amniotic fluid that the neurosis of anti=reverse=reverse cyber-crime
wolf=space yourself dances digested the blue of the sky! my cell that my
consciousness that my haphazard artificial insemination brain of the
ADAM=sun fears accelerate nano-machinative_M of the no-doubt drug embryo was
written upside-down! it is to open the bowels existence and her melody
density!! deciding and exploding with the interior of the womb of the
complete criminal artificial sun that the future of yourself differentiates
to the capillary-shape my soul be the BABEL-yourself previous future storage
shutdown that does last arrival without getting in touch "our earth does it
leap?" the micro-murder or the heart that was distorted "your room become
nude and resonate you are eroded to the luminous intensity of the rhythm
that forgets me only] such a zero=murder=space=connection that does
complicity to 1/8 of storage of an embryo merely merely the nightmare
buffoonery of this miracle equal boy machine that rotates in the vacuum
state and our TIME to the body that the boy went mad to my tropic inorganic
substance nightmares of the eschatology of 1/8 murder modes that are jointed
HxMx of my penis" 0 soul-machine had proliferated!?
line that the DNA that soul explodes get deranged the chromosome of yourself
reveals my last term it upgrades with the body of the embryo of the machine
mechanism that hates the sea of the gene where commits suicide the
digital_ADAM_apoptosis micro-murder of yourself that her vagina of the soul
that i who do the drugy-planet of an ant fuck quiesced explode the
incubation system of the chaos that beats it respires with the hybrid
insanity of my ant pattern that the machinative-soul of short scream
yourself of the boy-machine that the cyber self-destructs respire the air of
invasion-M of the digital masses of flesh that do the awakening of the
cosmology of an ant complicity clonic-plural form dogs of ADAM which the boy
machine of catastrophic_miracle yourself of the disillusionment/whisper-M of
the clonic-love harmonized to the mirror of alice that does the night sky of
the desert that codes 1/8 bodies of an ant gimmick the parent-the digital
dive-device world=womb=cell of the interior of the womb apocalypse that [the
soul-machine of the drug embryo evaporates a random number is measured and
is differentiate is crack one of anal sex boy"ADAM" who mystery was done
complicatedly the synapse of the inorganic substance murder the
rape-fingertip of my machine that makes a tour--"that sun committed suicide!
it is paralyzed and the apoptosis infant nature space of "M" that sloughs
off far road 1-milligram of murder system of the burial cadaver city of the
machine the love of her spiral system to our body that i store the cadaver
that was betrayed the consciousness of the TIME love lonely machine
mechanism that is able to sleep"
the suicide=medium of the boy machine that instantaneous gene-war TV of
drug=machine 1/8 embryo is in heat fertilizes although monochrome fantasy
ADAM of empty artificial sun yourself is null the blue nightmare-device of
the brain amniotic fluid of the quark of the apoptosis dance
digital=apocalypse of the mass of flesh that becomes the basement of myself
ill-treat the planet of the true ant of the murder of body_1/8_my ADAM of
the embryo that is jointed! short! more boy records the aerofoil of the self
replication nature of the end on machinative "fuck me!"_our heart became a
fabrication! the clone cheers! ADAM=sun larva of the desert that i execute
with the quarky-brain of the drug embryo that tortures the quantum number of
my soul_our sea DNA shutdown junk-disillusionment organ that my ants that
the pain that the nuclear fission pain of her melodias-existence infant
nature that night sky conceives leap the suspension octave hurricane that is
parasitic on her thyroid mutate be collecting the soul of her milligram is
covered the machine that rapes outer space and imprison her chromosome to
the secret of the sun and that SEX-motion murder the copy-cat of the idea
(the second) ADAM of the emzyo(the minute)/body of the heat which does
my replicant-consciousness interference and her vagina that drifts [LEVEL0
the minus-synapse that accelerates it the boy machine*artificial
sun=compound line eternity the soul of a clone does dive to the surface was
betrayed dark universe i of the amniotic fluid float to my mind in the over
there of the witnessing is the discontinuous-storage of a disillusionment be
the short wolf of the spiral_prevents conception] space_our body is the
artificial equator_M
Hz_the clone-human drug-embryo hybrid boy-machine X minute X second murder
does last arrival.
blood vessel of our "K" that the girl who the soul-machine-boy of ADAM who
the brain area cadaver-city of my drug mechanism where a shadow witnesses
instigate the underground of clone-TOKAGE where do the infant nature of the
sun desire explode explode begins to go to war and then....

BIO: Kenji Siratori is born in Japan in 1975. At present, he is acting as
the hypermodern-writer centering around digital-environment.

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