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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> No Logo is a good Logo

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, josephine bosma wrote:

> Just a small (light?) joke on the no logo/Naomi Klein issue: at the
> Doors of Perception conference this weekend Spanish artist Martí
> Guixé presented many interesting ideas, of which the following was
> one. He showed a potato omelet with a Calvin Klein logo baked on
> it. His idea was to have large corporations sponsor food so we could
> eat for free.


Good one, but (for the record) probably untrue.  I'd be willing to bet
that the food would cost MORE--first of all because it would now be
Designer Food, and second of all, well, just because.

My favorite example: Movie theatres in NYC charge something like $4
for a tub of popcorn (probably more now).  I'd bet that the cost of
that popcorn approaches zero.  A few years ago, theatres started
printing ads on the popcorn cups, for which they presumably receive
advertising revenue.  Not only has the price of the popcorn not
dropped since then, but it's continued to go up.  So they sell popcorn
that costs them practically nothing for infinite markup, AND get
advertising revenue for every cup sold.  Magic!

Exhibit B: Ticket prices for big rock concerts haven't dropped since
they started accepting corporate sponsorship.  Far as I know they've



Dave Mandl

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