m e t a on 15 Nov 2000 11:31:13 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] meta.am @ DEAF 00

01 notice :

i will be participating in DEAF 00, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, today
as part of the nato 0+55 workshop.

"nato.0+55 is a new software package (based on MAX) that is set to
revolutionize the realtime manipulation of video. The workshop brings
together an international developers community for a two day jam session,
culminating in a live public event with online and on-site performances."

i will be generating/improvising video from my location (ca. usa) and
transmitting it live over the internet (via cable modem) to rotterdam, nl -
where it will be projected into the performance area open to the public.

i will be transmitting from -
12:00-16:00 pacific time
21:00 - 01:00 central european time

my performance and the performance of the other artists participating in
the workshop on-site in rotterdam may possibly be viewable via real video
from this location: http://www.natosummit.org/




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