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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-Scene 4

"herd of the nightmare....mass of flesh....i was wandering" spore condition
the desert accelerates it the neutral target of the BI-virus clone of the
paradise that my brain is cut....drug-motion mad dog of the reproduction
gland opens the gimmick to the body of an embryo and be osmosing....end
fiber inorganic substance storage of my soul ant that the flow of the
body_fluid that becomes this war ADAM=doll curse of the sleeplessness of
ants be going to self-destruct to the circulatory organ system of my
velocity of light consciousness cadaver city that cause the fertilization
machine of the blue sky gone mad resuscitates the infinite murder of the
clone-boy to her negative of TOKAGE
"ash of the pupil"
"....the face of the grief that was digested to the interior of the womb of
the disillusionment....
"....the chaos brain of an ant breaks through it....
"our amoeba form grief"
secret of the topological genital organs that the body that was made with
paper be split....drugy=nightmare dashes the storage of the embryo that
replicated my self that does clone=dive....ADAM=doll/sec:body_fluid forgets
"you which explosion do you replicate?" tragedy of a chameleon....nightmare
of an embryo was wandering the silly ovarium of silicone


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