Kenji Siratori on 5 Nov 2000 01:49:06 -0000

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sbject: Scene 3

boy-machine does the womb cell of the ADAM assassination chameleon that
replicates the blue murderous intention of the sky hallucination...."i who
was reflected in the mirror annihilate_my molecule motion brain of the
drug-embryo fuses....i synchronize it to the cyber of the love earth of the
desert virus of the organ that the body of the clone-boy unites....our toy
committed suicide! the hybrid horizon of the insanity "the sun of the brain
of an embryo does not set!!"
"my voice murders the emotional animals of the quark...."
"only when"
" my drug organ of the angel mechanism that the ant of the future
tense does self-punishment" desert kisses the sun....our toy break down the
"womb cell/COUNTDOWN of the world"


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