Kenji Siratori on 5 Nov 2000 06:43:47 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-Scene 5

i am murdered to the cradle of the 1% of desert drugy_sun of the embryo that
is flooded a brain larva and the ADAM_pierrot committed suicide with the
interior of the womb like the vacuum tube of a girl! my anus nightmare
parasite imprisons the mad dog of the catastroph to the back of the pupil of
her fertilization mechanism that break down the of
BABEL/"one milligram of animals rape it....
"my language=body....i reproduce the Internet of the fear of an ant"
"the pierrot!"
"i dance to the wreckage of storage....embryo of light year of
lonely....biting the digital instant of a girl it tears it"
"blue of the sky" "was seen!" form of the grief of the chromosome that boys
do the synapse city fuck of the disillusionment of that is the machine that
is going down in the soul that cadaver should love is being break
down....gene=war of the ADAM-clone_mode of life of a boy mutates "brain of
"my machine does fuck" spiral=area of soul....
"our love"
" becomes the virus of random inheritance...."
"the reason" and "suspicion" of micro


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