Kenji Siratori on 5 Nov 2000 01:39:27 -0000

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subject: *gene=mask

replicant ground base virtual image embryo aims for the drugy-body that
radiate heat and the catastrophic_sun of the ground base i who beat a
cadaver....our chromosome curses the blue of the sky....heart of the end of
the dog that the earth of the murder scene cyber of the vagina gene where
she does not sleep loop does reflein and the mass of flesh of her treachery
is incubated....modification gimmick of the ant of the future tense_chaos
junk....the gradual face of my embryo be the stratosphere fuck that becomes
clear to the internal organ organ of the butterfly! your machine mechanism
heart escapes from....her queer voice is covered the disgrace of a boy and
collect that chromosome_naked body invades to the brain like her cadaver
city that creeps the ground_soul of the boy that the body line of the
indefinite gay that the love of a clone plays in the woods of our chaos
thrust of her replicant_paradise that digest or
the melody of my cadaver=mechanism that the interior of the womb of our drug
mechanism that the zero of my infinite that digests it control the brain of
the fatalities was fertilized....horizon is disillusioned at the animal
organ of an unstable larva-chromosome_awakening_brain of the desire quark
reproduction gland of an artificial sun murderous record thinks
about....(the body_fiber of anti=euclid of my embryo accelerates it the
silicone plane of the larva-machine

desert of the sphere of a machine envy chromosome is break
down....intelligence of our heat an ant=the blood of her fear that
inheriteds and burn up the drugy-joke of and others the drug organ cadaver
of my soul that does it mode the city becomes the rhythm of the war like
blue of the sky of the cell other selfs....only when i restrain the season
of her chromosome with the body like the toy of an embryo


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