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subject: Masses of flesh of the angel-mechanism

i who asphalt respires the shamelessness of the artificial sun burn and the
infected lung stimulates the desert of the micro....nihilistic-π of the
cadaver city that ADAM cries out in the over there of my temptation pupil of
her beat clone "i beat"_"i fall"_blue of the sky_my air heart of the
massacre digests the protoplasm of a larva storage that the
hatred of the embryo that the reproduction gland of highway brain crowds
contaminate the chromosome form sky of ants splits in the lonely area of the
clone cell of ADAM....her end the pupil howls_preserve an indefinite level!
annihilation of the molecule i_replicant-consciousness of which break down
the limit that_the murder person!....the drug-embryo is
grief becomes the animal of the machine mechanism of a
paradise....electron=heart....record of our soul conquers the drugy-living
body of wolf
story like the sea of the gene that my machine is being notified to the skin
tissue of the sun....without observing the blue existence difficult soul of
the sky that a brain cell break down the happiness of ants the butterfly of
the drug pattern perceived my pitch-dark_room! so soul of the zero of the
desert the larvas of a beat inherited....although of which is a cadaver
toward the planet of the ant that our empty machine that the naked body of a
black heart gray brain boy paints the animals of the supreme bliss of=BABEL
with the line records the number in a monochrome season is road it the lips organ of an embryo city of a depressed replicant the
earth beats....cell division_room_cold nightmare of the reproduction is
repeated_season of my machine becomes the clonic-style of ADAM_the sun dog
of pupil of road of as--

announcement!!_capsule hotel by fakeshop

--it video-taped a vital middle-range with a spiral form gimmick!

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