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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Nader is important, get rid of fear

j. garnett
flaming liberal pragmatist wrote:

Nader's appeal to progressive-minded,  well-educated, disenfranchized liberals
is manipulative and misleading; it will make a difference, one very big
difference, if Bush gets in. This is so obvious and the appeal to 60s nostalgia
so pathetic and wrong-headed  you'd think any toddler could point it out at a


Clearly 'flaming liberal pragmatists' don't get out much. The excitement
about Nader's campaign and the Green's long-term strategy (beyond November
7th) has little to do with '60s nostalgia'. The thousands of young Nader
activists on college campuses and highschools across the country are a
little more sophisticated than 'toddlers', and believe it or not, have
learnt a thing or two about student activism and building social movements.
This may be hard to believe for attention-hogging baby boomers who can't
see past their political shadow and the glory that was the 1960s. But this
isn't about the 60s, nor is it about 'consolidating votes' and giving up on
social and economic justice.  This is an important fight with tangible
consequences in building a long-term social movement beyond the cynical
Republicrat Presidential campaign.  Whether you vote for Nader or not, THAT
should make you feel better.

Paula Chakravartty

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