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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Nader is important, get rid of fear

At 03:21 AM 10/29/00, Ivan Zassoursky wrote:

>I have been on a lecture tour throughout New York state, visiting 10 
>campuses in the SUNY system - in fact i travel almost as much as the 
>candidates. On my way i have discovered that in every city where there was a 
>free advertisement-supported newspaper (commercial OR alternative) Nader was 
>endorsed by it. Commercial newspapers, i repeat - published for profit, with 
>adult pages and everything. It means that if the major newspapers were not 
>linked to party establishments so much, they would probably be forced to 
>take a different stand as well.

Hi Ivan,

Nader is a harbinger of things to come.

Here's a related post from some other venues.  

Enjoy :-)



Today on ABC's "This Week," Ralph Nader once again 
described how our government has been hijacked by big 
business, and how its decision making is done behind
closed doors.

Having been personally involved in just one example 
of this, I'd say he's right on target!  FYI, from 
another list:

 >At 02:33 AM 10/29/00, Jay Fenello wrote:
 >Hi Michael,
 >I've recently come to realize that our legal 
 >system is either broken, or it just can't keep 
 >up with the changes in our society.  
 >In ICANN, we have the world's first, global 
 >governance body, established by a world-wide 
 >process conducted by the U.S. Department of 
 >Commerce.  And virtually everything about it 
 >is embroiled in controversy.  
 >Because virtually everything about it seems 
 >to be Gamed.  Fixed.  somehow Dishonest.
 >Now, I don't says these things to get anyone in
 >trouble.  I say them to highlight a problem that
 >*must* be fixed.  (I feel so strongly about this, 
 >I even suggest amnesty for anyone involved in any 
 >of these activities.)  The more important point 
 >is, we must fix our problems.  
 >And I'm not just talking about ICANN . . .
 >ICANN has shown us how our Government can lie to 
 >its people.  How its investigative arms and legal 
 >machinations can fail to serve their purpose.
 >ICANN has shown us how our Government really
 >works, in secret committees, and in collusion
 >with the other governments, large corporations, 
 >and the press.
 >ICANN has shown us how our most prestigious
 >universities and non-profit foundations, can
 >be a part of the problem, as easily as a part 
 >of the solution.
 >Worst of all, ICANN has shown us that these
 >excesses are commonplace and protected, so 
 >much so that only a handful seem to even care.
 >One of the unique aspects of the U.S. Constitution,
 >is its recognition of Divine Law, that which we all 
 >know as true in the heart of our souls.  It's the 
 >law that all legitimate human laws try to emulate.  
 >What our founding fathers knew, we have forgotten. 
 >And it's time to remember.
 >At 12:59 AM 10/28/00, Michael Sondow wrote:
 > >In his most recent article (Duke Law Journal 50:17, and available at
 > >http://personal.law.miami.edu/~froomkin), Mr. Froomkin writes that
 > >the creation of ICANN did not violate federal laws and specifically
 > >was not in violation of the Government Corporation Control Act (GCCA). 
 > >However, Mr. Froomkin is wrong. He is either unaware of the facts
 > >and the evidence which proves those facts, or has chosen to ignore
 > >them. Esther Dyson herself was called to the chairmanship of the
 > >ICANN board by none other than Ira Magaziner, in collusion with
 > >Roger Cochetti of IBM, as Esther Dyson's own statements prove
 > >(http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/scripts/rammaker.asp?s=REAL&dir=icann&file=icann1&start=1-22-00&end=2-14-50). 
 > >
 > >Ms. Dyson furthermore stated that ICANN was about to be recognized
 > >by the Department of Commerce at the time of the recorded meeting,
 > >which was ICANN's first and which was held when there had not yet
 > >been any acceptance of ICANN by stakeholders and there were still
 > >competing proposals for the NewCo, thus proving the DOC's de facto
 > >creation of ICANN.
 > >
 > >The ICIIU hereby warns the Berkman Center and ICANN that any attempt
 > >at destruction of the evidence is a violation of U.S. Code Sec.18 
 > >1001(a)(1) (see below) and that they will be prosecuted for doing
 > >so.
 > >
 > >Michael Sondow
 > >=================================================================
 > >Whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, 
 > >legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United 
 > >States, knowingly and willfully falsifies, conceals, or covers 
 > >up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact shall be fined 
 > >under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
 > >                          --- 18 U.S.C.  1001(a)(1)
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