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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Nader is important: get rid of him!

oh yeah, the status quo will really be changed once Bush is in---for sure. you
want that? you want to sacrifice so many things for your maybe-third party?
don't the so-called Nader progressives see the political naivete of that?
shrill-- that's what I've noted in the ultra-pc Nader backers-- if you
criticize their supposedly progressive liberal putch you get attacked for
supporting the status quo. it's old hat politics really. rhetoric and finger

just wait. some of us remember what hell it was living under the republicans.
I know liberal dems in North Carolina who are terrified they'll lose the whole
effing congress to the repubs. because of what Nader is doing. Nader
supporters seem either to be too young to remember the reagan/bush years, or
too shut-up in the ivory towers of academia to have been forced to shuck their
dreamy idealist skins. shame shame for calling me shrill when there's hardly a
person on the left with the guts to criticize this situation. perhaps it
sounds shrill to your ears cuz it's a single wave frequency at the moment.
there are Greens out there who are not going to vote for Nader; what good is
having a green party four or eight or twelve years hence? There is a clock
ticking. by then who knows what the redneck oilmen in the white house will
have wrought. i for one am not will ing to take the cahnce. the Nader rhetoric
wears thin fast.


Phil Graham wrote:

> At 12:47 PM 29/10/00 -0600, joy garnett wrote:
> >j. garnett
> >flaming liberal pragmatist
> There's nothing liberal about Gore (aptly named), and I wonder what is at
> all pragmatic about US politics as it is (it seems so impractical to me).
> It's also really funny to me to see a self-proclaimed liberal so shrill in
> conserving the status quo. "Nader offers nothing different from Gore or
> Bush therefore vote for more of the same".
> Errr .... yeah, right.
> regards,
> Phil

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