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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Nader is important: get rid of him!

actually, i never post to this list; i AM shrill becuz i'm really sick of
hearing so many uncontested pro-Nader holier-than-thou statements. enuf is
enuf. there are some thoughtful people out there---yeah, um, liberal dems,
whatever-- who don't buy the 3rd party biz at all-- and they aren't people you
can or should easily look down your nose at.

problem is, lists tend to be communities of people operating more or less
under a consensus; preaching to the converted. i'm sure maybe there's one
other nettimer out there who feels as i do; so be it. if i unsub (which i soon
might do--too much stuff in the inbox) i might as well go out w/ a bang over
sth that matters to all of us. bring on the long knives, have fun. i'm voting


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