Walter van der Cruijsen on 20 Oct 2000 10:02:34 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] what is nettime-t?, was Re: virus d

hi ken,

sorry, but i am totally missing the context of mr. camilion's 
writings. i am truly sorry about my overreaction. my attention was 
actually drawn by 'nettime-t'. -t, whats that?

critique to 'pseudo-Burroughs cutup writing'? i think i am not 
educated enough for that.

and no, i do not miss p&g's 'taste in texts'. however i do miss the 
original 'netcritique' but maybe that's just nostalgion.

i do not mind at all that someone addresses his or her psychosis to 
this list. as i said, i miss a context, maybe mr. camilion can help 
me, or us, there a bit.

have a nice day!


"intellectual property is theft" (anonymous, no date)

>Hey Walter,
>Why do you want to be the netiquette police?  Since when does netiquette
>prevent someone from writing something like that to nettime? Do you
>think this guy's writing is less interesting than all this
>pseudo-Burroughs cutup writing that has appeared lately (and received no
>critique from you or anyone else ... as it should be, I think .. I won't
>name the author ...).  This may be true psychosis at work, not the usual
>neurotic posturing crap or self-serious bag of air. Maybe it goes
>somewhere interesting, maybe not - but give it a chance!  Now that
>nettime is only lightly moderated, perhaps you miss Geert and Pit's
>taste in texts?  Lighten up.
>best wishes,
>Walter van der Cruijsen wrote:
>>  what is this? unwanted simplicity? someone talking just to himself?
>>  please consider netiquette! w.
>>  >I discovered what virus d is:it is a norton archive in my computer.I
>>  >am not responsible for this that is why i do not want to be
>>  >program.Please change the schedules in NSK,do something more actual.
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