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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> in and out

At the beginning I would ask these hormonal fiends for these questions on 
my throne and under my crown of king Ted Bytown, in explaining for 
instance Richard Barbrook needed to pay a fee for each post to raw… but I 
am feed up with so *à la shakespear* lies : it’s simply not true, Richard 
Barbrook doesn’t pay anything for posting to raw, nothing ! (do you 
imagine that ?) so I show my true colours : I am Josephine (sure as the 
empress, so what ?) and above all I would tell you just a thing : It’s 
really easy for a woman to mimic a king and Shakespeare… Specially 
Shakespeare, so continuing *à la shakespear* way, do you know how, 
hormonal fiends, it’s rude to not forthwith reply to a question of a 
woman ?

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