Ken Feingold on 19 Oct 2000 18:38:51 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: virus d

Hey Walter,

Why do you want to be the netiquette police?  Since when does netiquette
prevent someone from writing something like that to nettime? Do you
think this guy's writing is less interesting than all this
pseudo-Burroughs cutup writing that has appeared lately (and received no
critique from you or anyone else ... as it should be, I think .. I won't
name the author ...).  This may be true psychosis at work, not the usual
neurotic posturing crap or self-serious bag of air. Maybe it goes
somewhere interesting, maybe not - but give it a chance!  Now that
nettime is only lightly moderated, perhaps you miss Geert and Pit's
taste in texts?  Lighten up.

best wishes,

Walter van der Cruijsen wrote:
> what is this? unwanted simplicity? someone talking just to himself?
> please consider netiquette! w.
> >I discovered what virus d is:it is a norton archive in my computer.I
> >am not responsible for this that is why i do not want to be
> >program.Please change the schedules in NSK,do something more actual.
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