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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> in and out

Hi Josephine,

many of your observations are correct. I just whish they were made in a
different tone. Yes, there are the occasional technical glitches, and, yes,
when they happen it takes a while to fix. This is a consequence of nettime
running on volunteer goodwill.  Coordinating that goodwill across several
continents takes time, as I'm sure you know. We are not a commercial
service provider and we do not have the same 24/7 guarantees than they tend
to have.  We also do not have any type of institutional funding, as you
know. However, if you would like to change that, that's something we can
talk about.

You are also correct when saying that when you hit the reply button on a
nettime-bold post, the reply goes not to nettime-l. This is similar to when
reply to a nettime-l post, the default option is also set up so that it
does not go to nettime-l (but rather to the author). In our announcement of
the list we made it clear that it possible to post to nettime-bold only,
and that this is what happens when you hit the reply button. We thought of
it as a positive feature, not some evil plot. But if there is a whish, we
can set it so that it goes back to the author.

And, you are also correct that messages that get sent to the
administrational account <nettime@bbs.thing.net> do not get automatically
forwarded to nettime-bold. The purpose of the administrational account, as
you might also know, is to deal with administrational mail, i.e. bounces,
delivery failure notices, un/subscription messages and the like. There is
also quite some spam. Occasionally, people send posts to this account too,
mostly because they do not realize the difference, sometimes because they
connect this or that administrational request with it. These posts do not
get forwarded to nettime-bold because they were sent to the admin account.

You are wrong, however, to assume that the nettime-bold archive was set up
in a way to make it difficult to use. It was set up in the same way than
the other archives.  You are also completely wrong to assume behind all of
this some kind of conspiracy. We live in a less than perfect world, even
more, everyone's ideas of what "perfect" means are different, hence there
is a lot of compromise.  All in all, I think the situation we have is good.
The ultimate measure of that are the great posts people take the time to
send the list.


Les faits sont faits.

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