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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> HORST MAHLER: THE ROLE OF A SAD SACK


I dont like the current fashion of personatisation, be it Milosevic,
Haider or whoever sad sack, including Djinjic. We should talk more about
interests. Talking to much about persons is Mickey Mouse politics.

> are falsifying history. On the other hand, she admits that Dutschke was
> never outspoken about the Holocaust, that he spoke against, literally,
> "Americanization and Russification of the German people" (albeit, she says,
> without nationalist intentions).

One of the most popular slogans of this time was "USA, SA, SS", everybody
knows, hopefully, what "SA" and "SS" means. And it was the time of the war
against Vietnam. I think this was a more or less global movement.

If you leave mainstream politics, like those against the war in vietnam
did, its rather clear that you think about the situation in europe, the
role of germany there etc. And what is wrong with that ? 

Everybody was talking after 45 about the WEU etc, that is is neccessary
"to hold the russians out and the germans down". Why should this be a
taboo ? Why shouldnt be something interesting in german culture ? To be
preserved in a world of Nike and Coca Cola ? 

I wouldnt take Langhans etc to serious. Everybody knows this special
mysticism between "green" and "right wing". It might be outfashioned, but
there is no direct connection with what the nazis actually did with the
jews and others here. Langhans might be an idiot, but he is not a racist now.

Well, maybe I am to much "audiatur et altera pars". If we want democracy,
we shouldnt demonise the "enemies" so much. And we shouldnt personalize
politics, please ;-)


Ps.: And I am starting to take Richards CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE SUBJECT as 

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