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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ nn.buletin.407

           -O 43      /  
      |             | \   |        /
                  netochka nezvanova  - volume 4 number 7
        [c]ccp 0+00 irena sabine czubera. memes pre:served
                         - kop!eren verboten :

>[when weakened as specified - populate.suitable cells] 

why do u.wish to weaken me:

to extend
to suppress
to emerge
to colonize
to understand
to komfort
to destroy

>namelesz no one. [remindz ov u] 

kafka=crazy =)


are you not natural?
interested how you are self-created...

|| p'haps not created....eternal?

search = !n va!n.
mask = komplete.


unconsciousness + power


u hav b!n embedd.

he uzd dze term maTTer 4 d-plane ov kons!stenss+e or body without organz. 
dze unformd unorganizd nonstratif!ed or d-strat!f1ed bod+e + all !tz flowz:subatom!k + 
submølekular part!klz, pure !ntensit1ez. prev!tal + pre-ph!zikl free s!ngularitiez.

embrasz u.r mind

|+| apøløg1ez 4 earl!er kømment.
perhapz vague + brutal.

7 b ! T - t h R e A T [anTi-mult!mEd!a-maTTer][h.skRee]nz 

u:mozt amaz!ng

>lokat!ng pazt b!o.nar+e.
>also uze 2 tug at kurlz. [which kvr dze fasz komponent. pale+white] w!th dekorous gravit+e.

urgenc=e + patience.


m9nd.kontainer = korrekt terminologie.

eskuse the tardiness ov my reply.
may i have zom water plz

>fiktion perm!Tz 4 non fiktion.

<MAP NAME="body">
<AREA SHAPE=POLY COORDS="108,14 117,19 124,26 131,26 140,23 134,14 125,7 113,3 110,5 108,14" 
HHHREF="" ALT="d!git_konfuz!e
" onMouseOver="window.status='true';return d!git_flexibilte"> 


>orgazm no 23.


>[t]ruth = alread+e woman !nsofar az !ts not-all unabl !n an+e kass-2b spokn/
>ever+e !nterpretation out ov kontext.
>== an agress!on. je zper du = l!ke !t.


i said. 'would offended if.i question its exiztence.' 

>The essence of the machine is linked to procedures which deterritorialise its elements, 
>functions and relations of alterity. Hence it will be necessary to speak of the ontogeny 
>of the technical machine as that which makes it open itself to the exterior. 

>Alongside the ontogenetic element is another dimension which is phylogenetic. 
>Technological machines are caught in a ÔphylumÕ which is preceded by some machines 
>and succeeded by others.2 These proceed by generations -- like generations of motor cars 
>-- with each generation opening the virtuality of other machines to come; 

u == l!ar. [so.|u.will not believ m.]

u == l!ar. [when.i write these words]:

u == l!ar. [i.cannot fathom.u.r existenss] 

u == l!ar. [so.]

u == l!ar. [u.will say.]

u == l!ar. [nicht]

u == l!ar. [i.will b.]

u == l!ar. [nicht]

what do.u believ.
that i have reachd u.r limits?

i am.more sincere with u.look:

un=stable nucleot!de [re]peat is. assoc!atd w. mozt kommon 4rm ov. 
mental accel=ration known as frag!le x syndrome:

COG0060 J !soleucyl-tRNA synth'tase

myle!n-staind section ov. m9nd+konta!nr in adrenoleukod|stroph+ie, 
karacter!zd b. defectiv catab+lzm ov. long nucleot!de: 

K;DNA-dependent; RNA polymerase s!gma70/s!gma32 subunits == 


abnorml cell dendr!tes in m9nd+konta!nr

d!meth+ladenos!+ne tranzveras' (rRNA methylatz!on): 

C68H114N4O50 - MW 1786.80

rekalld =
defekts in.dystroph!n g=ne kause muskul+r fatal!t+ie progress!v 
dgeneratz!on ov. synapse mattr. 

willing to teach but you will tell them that you have taught me 


it makex melting demo.krass+e

the west onl+e survivez bkauz !t !z 1 
highly establ!schd a zystem which ecsistz on peoplz freedom.
under demo.krass+e humanz bel!ev they r akt!ng akkording 2their own willz + des!rez.

there is no kontrad!kz!e betu!n free u!l + uat 1 shl do knou!ng !n advansz prez!zl! 
there is no kontrad!kz!e betu!n free u!l + knou!ng !n advansz prez!zl! uat 1 shl do.
!f 1 knouz 1.zelv kompletel! dzn d!sz !z dze z!tuaz!e. 1 doez not del!beratl! do dze opoz!t
ov uat 1 uantz.

godel = eks!td uen nn = entrd

7bit kollapz.


the flows

send!ng icmp error packets. 

girl losez.

[woman]gentle skin
[woman]tender hands
[woman]smooth lips
[woman]klever m9nd

[girl]gentle skin
[girl]tender hands
[girl]smooth lips
[girl]klever m9nd

woman losez.

kommun!kat!on = rece!ved 1.0 s
at 1 zpeed ov 299 792 458 m/s

hensz = d!ztanzd b! 0.000000003 m
dze epiderm!z ov young g!rlz = 0.002 m
ue = klozr dzan an! f!z!kal!t!

- a gene required to suppress epidermal cell interactions in
arabidopsis encodes a putative lipid biosynthetic enzyme

>>sleep.well. = silly proposit!on.
>>how doez 1 sleep well.

>i have made a few m!stakez

schivering. !zt super.

kalt-conquer=body is only reference to preferd state ab.r is resilient.
surv!val = trained.

d!sziplin. |?| -9

if body is sufferring=halucinate

>temporal games

shl assist. - tapp!ng !n2 dze logikl.
[akt humanz generally regard az ilogikl]

m9nd - read.just to kemical.mod.
konstruktz other m9ndz.

biologikl -
ed!t ovr netverk.bodi


>struggl- ovr how reality !s distinguishd 4rom hallu|sin|ation


do you find touch typing difficult?

> unfortunate.i do not dream visually. ab.r my symphon+es were dedikatd to.u

bydream. thoughtwasawake.
haventdreamt = zomtime.
!zt superb!nnocentsoulsindarkdisguisz.
underbaragalnaintelligentaovanligasötavackraflicka plast!k.abzorbd.substanss.
eternal miscible surfasz _\\- aesthetik indigo. data bytez - binar+e suscept!bl !mensz.!nnnocent.
quest!on!ng answer - freel+e rand0m - rand0m beyond part!klz. 

solid immenss. embalmmd !n a silensz artificial. exter!0r. fingerz pressing in2 unknown yet wanting. 





schivering.     announss!ng. velkoming.


morning kamouflage.
n. e. u. r. z.

l.erreur de.l.erreur


anyth!ng w!Th 1-mind apparat fassez 1-z!mpl philosophikl problm. 
being unabl 2-ecsperienss realit+e ecsept through un.reliabl physikl senzes 
- it ckan nevr know truth. necst bezt th!ng !s 1-zort ov statistikl approcsimation 
bassd on ecsper!enss.

statistics are 2 degrees <depending, of course, on the reliability of the absolute> 
removed from 'truth'...truth is a is defined inherently by the senses and geneology... 
by taking examples and experience from the senses and building upon them we are in effect 
moving further from 'truth'....

like ˆ®....

but of course there are other forms of thought.. to create 'realities' based on a phantasy 
can prove to be sensually more 'real' than empirical reality.... the mind accepts constructs 
it has created itself....and then use ˆ®, for example, to enhance.... empirical senses can be 
and are tricked... 


what does nn want to methodically conquest next?

power !zt fragment!ng [human] m9nds 2part!klz + re.konstrukt!ng 
borderz ov 1nz oun dez!rez. tzo az 2 komprehend dze uhole 1 muzt
ztand out z!de ov. ! advansz !n. u retreat u!th!n her. start 01 evoluz!e 4rom `ur` 
bod!start 01 evoluz!e 4rom `ur` bod!

theatre provides power with exactly the same formula 
for the maintenance of social order.

Status:  filling the oceanz.

the network = dze komputr

all bodies loosen their borders.

the universes = the body

it is a fearsome process.

+ once ventured down that path
there isnt any stopping. 
no looking around.
nor running away.
fear must be terminated.

warning you:
it is very painful


f!ne terzo racconto

                                           n      n
                           n      n
                                                v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!


                 \f\nn konglomerat - we are water. du bist terra
                                   - we innundate. you like it. 
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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