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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> HORST MAHLER: THE ROLE OF A SAD SACK


I'd like to point out that John Barker wrote this article and *not* me. I
thought that this was clear from the subheading on the piece.

As for his observations on the close similarities between ultraleftism and
fascism, some of the recent postings on nettime are yet more proof of the
correctness of this analysis. It is scary when self-styled 'radical'
intellectuals are so blinded by ideological certainty that they were able
to ignore the crimes of the Milosevic regime - and even thought that it was
clever to make propaganda on behalf of this racist monster.

Have these people learnt nothing from the tragedies of the last century?
Obviously not. As George Orwell pointed out in the 1940s, such
intellectuals need only take one short step further to go from being
implicitly fascist to becoming overtly fascist...



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