Teddy Bytown on Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:58:00 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] madhouse rock

Hulo katrien ! please accept the modest proposal to be the queen of the 
poor, the idiots, the weaks, all the deficients female and males as they are 
here, yes all the immoderated people, all already yours, cause it feels cold 
when you leave them in the hands of these overflowing hormonal whatsit 
inquisitors as you named them.. and permit Us to tell unser general, the 
Torquemada Lovink, that he wouldn't find sexual parity in his bunch of 
moderator by reading Barbrook, i.e. by using pills, processor or hightech 
surgery, or with a coarsed female avatar for ted to make us believe that to 
be female or not would be just a question of symbolicity ! As we speak of 
Montaigne, permit Us to quote his masterful wit "Pass over to piss while 
walking but to have a shit running!" Yes, Our people find, Geert, you pass 
over the truth so fast as you have something to flee from and your 
netfriendship, viagra and other masculine tricks are just there to create 
nettime distractions. Is your house in flames or are you just selling 
<nettime> to aol for a six-pack of imported beer ?
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