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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Community Informatics in a Canadian Context

Re: Mike Gurstein's posting--

I would like to affirm that, indeed, the Canadians are leading most other
places, including my own country, in their public efforts to offer
connectivity (and training) to areas and peoples around their country.  In
addition, they are doing a lot through their development agency and
especially IDRC to carry out, in partnership. programs in Asia, Africa, and
Latin America.  <>

I just came freom the 3rd pan-Canadaian conference on community learning
networks, sponsored by the Office of Learning Technologyiies in HRDC, a
large govt. social service agency.  Over a hundred people from almost as
many projects met in Montreal to learn, share, and plat the future.  Take a
look at <>

Steve Cisler

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