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[Nettime-bold] GATEways live 21st of March

21st of March 2000 - from sunrise until sunset (around the world)

GATEways by alien productions &
Free B92 (Gordan Paunovic), Primer & Subtolerance in Beograd
Adefrs e.V., Bauhaus University, EGO & F.R.E.I (Johannes Sienknecht et al.) in
Toy Satellite (Andrew Garton) in Melbourne
The Western Front Society (Don Chow, Peter Courtemanche, Eileen Kage, Jean
Routhier) in Vancouver

live on line:
live on air: F.R.E.I 96,2 MHz UKW & 90, 45 cabel
                     Radio B2 92
                    CIRT FM
live on site: Siebenbrunnenplatz, Vienna
                        Limona, Bauhaus University, Weimar
	    Lygon, Brunswick and Smith Streets, Melbourne

GATEways is a topographical project dealing with space in which various
cultures go through a change of location.
Dislocation, assimilation and cultural diversity are the main topics.
Actual local sites, which (can) act as intercultural passages (GATEways)
become intersections of a global acoustic network, which in itself is a
Locally bound soundscapes enter data pathways, travelling to other spaces.
The idea of boundaries based on the stability of the locations collapses,
wiping away the borders between them.

GATEways is a project by alien productions
organised by Polycollege Stoebergasse

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