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>For Immediate Release
>February 2000
>Tenacity: Cultural Practices in the Age of Information and Biotechnology
>March 24 to May 13, 2000
>Ursula Biemann, Zürich; Bureau of Inverse Technology; Ricardo Dominguez, New York; Marina Gržinic and Aina Šmid, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Natalie Jeremijenko, NY, Kristin Lucas, NY; Diane Ludin, NY; Jenny Marketou, NY; Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, NY; Francesca da Rimini and Michael Grimm, Adelaide, Australia; ®™ark, USA; Cornelia Sollfrank, Hamburg.
>Curated by Yvonne Volkart
>Opening: Friday March 24, 6-8 pm with webcast, Involuntary Reception, by Kristin Lucas 7 pm
>Curator's/artists' tour: Saturday March 25, 1 pm
>Conference: Saturday March 25, 2 pm
>Information, communication, and biotechnology play an increasingly important role in the globalizing society of the changing century. 


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