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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Bill Joy on the threats of technology

I think Joy's article is of particular interest when read in 
conjunction with Vernor Vinge's writing on the Singularity -- 
http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~nv91-asa/Trans/vinge -- and Stewart 
Brand's work with the Long Now Foundation -- http://www.longnow.org

At SXSW Interactive -- http://www.sxsw.com -- earlier this week, 
Brand cited Joy and Vinge within beats of each other... Also of 
interest if tied in to Bruce Sterling's Viridian work -- 

Add to that Ebon Fisher's Wigglism Manifesto -- 
http://www.wahcenter.org/exhibits/transfiguration/wigglism.html -- 
and you've got the foundation for... something.


T H E  W I G G L I S M  M A N I F E S T O

We loop into vital coilings, this coiling, our coiling. We spark the 
fibrillations of a vague biological embrace. We nurture that which 
wiggles -of flesh or steel, sinew or circuit, mud or imagination; 
transmuting art into a zoology of spirit.


We ovulate every workstation, artwork, and module of consumption, 
into the blood of living ritual. We ejaculate connections in a biome 
of twitches and presences -soaking tendrils of thought and conscience 
in a spray of fibrous feedback. We infuse phantoms and facts with 
equal measures of visceral significance -creeping along the rivulets 
and curls of writhing knowledge.

We breed turbulent creatures in a mongrel jungle of plasma, machines, 
and minds. We struggle to love these creatures, these worlds, these 
convulsions, to keep that which wiggles, and that which sustains 
wiggling, in succulent focus. May the lethal pomposities of art and 
science disappear in the surrounding blur.

So let us secrete every milky ganglion and wire into the cross-eyed 
wilderness; Let us siphon every atom, and theory of atom, into the 
hot belly of shared being; Let us disappear into the folds and 
reverberations of that which seems to be alive.

Let us entwine with the infinite wiggling which thrives in slippery 
suspension somewhere between us.


If any Nettimers are going to be in Austin, Texas, this Friday for 
the SXSW Music Festival, a random assortment of folks from the 
Company of Friends, the Well, and other collectives will be gathering 
at 6 p.m. at El Casino Camino on 6th Street. Right next to the 
Flamingo. The gathering will be of indeterminate length, and the 
participants will be a random set.

I'll be wearing bushy hair, small glasses, blue Vans, and an Oven 
Digital -- http://oven.com -- T-shirt.


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