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>The 1999 IPI World Press Freedom Review just was
>published by the IPI / International Press
>Institute. Find the press release attached, and
>see the materials at
>"Bleak News for Media Freedom"
>The IPI World Press Freedom Review is a bleak
>analysis of press freedom violations committed
>in 1999 in 165 countries.
>During the course of the year, 87 journalists
>and media staff were killed or murdered, making
>it one of the worst years on record. Many of the
>victims were cut down in waves of violence in
>the Balkans, Russia and Sierra Leone. 25
>journalists and media workers died in the
>Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, of which 16 were
>victims of the Nato bombing of the Radio
>Television Serbia building in Belgrade in April.
>In Africa, the civil war in Sierra Leone claimed
>10 victims and, once again, Colombia with seven
>media victims has shown itself to be the most
>perilous country in Latin America to report
>Johann P. Fritz, Director of IPI, said:
>"Developments in the conflicts in Serbia, Sierra
>Leone and East Timor were particularly
>distressing for the media: journalists were
>considered legitimate targets and killed because
>they were journalists; because people did not
>like what they were saying."
>"Targeting journalists is a flagrant breach of
>international covenants," he said. "IPI urges
>all Governments to reaffirm their commitment to
>the fundamental principles of freedom of


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