Teddy Bytown on Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:33:18 +0100 (CET)

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As the field and town mice of the fables, for sure there is a bytown teddy, 
and he is the non moderator of the non moderated nettime list. please do not 
see this duo-negation as the affirmation of existence of a ted byfield, 
moderator of moderated nettime: [now it is teddy bytown that speaks] it 
would be just another bit of junk brain juice for moderated nettimeclubber 
sure to elicit 35ko of sub-academia with attached list of self-referential 
list of reference. Curb your dog, please. Us, [the "us" of royalty, our 
majesty teddy bytown, us therefore], us, me says ["me" : now it's just the 
petty ted and democratic me) so us, bold non moderator of nettime, I am but 
a simple ted byfield, only catholic and latin, and specially dirty between 
the toes, and then yes I - the non teddy bytown - I will claim very soon 
"look! how they stink free! as I told you they did"; The only question for 
me remains: on which list ?

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